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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

  • The resurrection of William Marrion Branham

    The grave could not keep William Marrion Branham ...

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  • The testament of William Marrion Branham

    What are the consequences of the entry in force of William Marrion Branham Testament ?

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  • The birth of William Marrion Branham

    Is William Marrion Branham born out of sex or through sexual birth  ? ...

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  • Who is  William Marrion Branham ?

    Is he a simple Messenger or the Prophet-God Creator of all things ?

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  • The Deity of   William Marrion Branham ?

    After the opening of Seven Seals, who is the Adorable

    God ? 

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  • The unfolding of the Word according to W.M. Branham

    What seeds must we sow in these last days ?

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  • The genuine worship of William Marrion Branham

    What is the Real Name for worship and how to worship at the opening of the Seven Seals ? 

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  • The genuine baptism of William Marrion Branham

    What is the name for the Real baptism that was hidden

    in the Seven Seals ?

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Quotation of the week


The first thing, the sabbath day, as we talk about it, the sabbath day is not keeping a certain day. We have no commandment to keep Saturday for a sabbath. We have no commandment to keep the first day for a sabbath, in the New Testament. The Bible said, in Hebrews the 4th chapter, “If Jesus would have given them rest, would He not afterwards spoke of another day.” That’s right. But there remains a rest, or a sabbath-keeping, to the people of God. For we who believed, too, have entered into His rest; we cease from our works like God did from His.