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The Holy Ghost

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The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

  • The resurrection of William Marrion Branham

    The grave could not keep William Marrion Branham ...

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  • The testament of William Marrion Branham

    What are the consequences of the entry in force of William Marrion Branham Testament ?

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  • The birth of William Marrion Branham

    Is William Marrion Branham born out of sex or through sexual birth  ? ...

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  • Who is  William Marrion Branham ?

    Is he a simple Messenger or the Prophet-God Creator of all things ?

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  • The Deity of   William Marrion Branham ?

    After the opening of Seven Seals, who is the Adorable

    God ? 

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  • The unfolding of the Word according to W.M. Branham

    What seeds must we sow in these last days ?

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  • The genuine worship of William Marrion Branham

    What is the Real Name for worship and how to worship at the opening of the Seven Seals ? 

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  • The genuine baptism of William Marrion Branham

    What is the name for the Real baptism that was hidden

    in the Seven Seals ?

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This question is very important for the Message believers. We have many versions or answers among brethren. Some say Branham is just a prophet, another group confirm that Branham is God, Christ Himself.

Who is right?

It seems as if there is a kind of confusion among Message Believers upon the real identity of this man WM Branham.

Unbelievers usually find in this contradiction a reason to reject the Message. They wonder how a Message from God can have several trends contradicting themselves.  Instead of have the same language, the Message believers are dividing themselves and sometime even hating themselves.

However this confusing situation should be to a real believer a proof that this Message is from God. A real revelation of God always bring on such situation.

Remember in the time of Jesus! The Bible says that there were division because of Jesus! People did not have the same language on the person of Jesus.

JOHN 7, 40 to 41

Many of the people therefore, when they heard this saying, said, Of a truth this is the Prophet.

Others said, This is the Christ. But some said, Shall Christ come out of Galilee?

Hath not the scripture said, That Christ cometh of the seed of David, and out of the town of Bethlehem, where David was?


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Quotation of the week


Inheritance by predestination. I inherited something. What inheritance? There had to be somebody leave me an inheritance. Why, you say, "Jesus left you an inheritance." Beg your pardon? Jesus never left me an inheritance; Jesus never left you an inheritance; He only came down and paid for your inheritance, brought you to your inheritance. But your name was put on the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. God give you your inheritance. Your inheritance was first. Jesus only come... A lot... Here's the way they try to make it, "God said, 'Well, there's a lot of people lost; I don't want them... be saved, so I'll send Jesus down and perhaps maybe He'll... somebody feel sorry,  and know what I've done and--and get saved.'" Oh, mercy. I wouldn't run my office like that, even as poor as I do run it sometimes then. I wouldn't do it like that. How about God?