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Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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295 I know I've taught on the perseverance of the saints. I've taught on the supreme Deity of Jesus. I've taught on the security of the believer, and foreordination, predestination, and many of those things. Which, I know, in my congregation is many legalists, which is perfectly all right. Absolutely. But, now, the things, I'm a legalist, too, and I'm a Calvanist. I just believe the Bible. That's all.


383    "But, oh, if I did this, if I did that." See, there you come to the legal side, again. Never go to the legal side. It's negative. The positive side is what you want.


70 Now listen, and see if this sounds sensible to you. For instance, if I get ready to go overseas. And I'll take my own family. I'll call my wife up to me, and I will say, "We're go-... I'm going overseas, dear." Now here is the legalist's side, "Now, my wife, I'm going to lay the law down to you! If you flirt with any man while I'm gone, when I come back you're a divorced woman. And I don't want you making eyes, don't want you flirting! You understand that? I'm your husband! If you do it, I'm going to put you away when I come back."


196    "I don't care who you are." Oh, man, He really put it on. They didn't... Why? Because they didn't believe Him. He was the Word. See? He was trying to break up that legalist bunch. And if He was here on earth today, He'd try to do the same thing.


112 Now, the next thing she had to do, she had to work. She become a legalist. She had to "work out her own salvation with fear and trembling" like you did. She went out into the field and put her clothes upon her, and went out into the field and gleaned behind the maidens in order to get sustaining food for the day. Is that right? What was she doing? She was trying to find favor with Boaz. So she worked her way through the stage of legalism.


92 Now, both of them was religious. But Esau, when it come to works and deeds, as a good legalist, he was probably a better boy, all the way around, than Jacob was. Did you know that? Jacob was just a little boy that hung around his mammy all the time. But Esau got out and worked, went out and got venison to give to his old blind daddy who was a prophet, he tried to take care of him. But Jacob only had one thing in mind, he wanted that birthright! He didn't care how long he had to hang around or whatever he had to do, the main thing in his life was the birthright! And Esau despised it.


6 And we use the word sometime, is "predestination," but it's a sure hanger in this church age that we live in. It was certainly a great thing used in the days of the martyrs, 'cause they certainly believed it. But it's got away from It now, to the legalist ideas, the legalist teaching in the church which come... Which was a good thing, because all of it had gone Calvanistic in England till they didn't even have revivals anymore, and John Wesley come along preaching the Arminian doctrine which balanced it up. God will always balance it up.


137 It's not legal basis that I married her upon. It's not legal basis that makes me live true to her. It's because I love her. I don't have to do anything. I do it willfully because it's a love affair. And if you love your wife, you'll do the same thing. 


21 Because you would love Him so much to think that--that He loved you so much when you were unlovable, and before you had anything to do with it. He chose you. How could you turn anything down like that? Why, it looks to me like that would just set, that would set e--e--election so much higher than--than law. It would, or it would set legalistic idea. Why, it would just go beyond anything; to think that, when I was unlovable, He loved me. To think, when I had nothing I could do about it, He picked me up and saved me by His grace. I surely should be grateful enough to serve Him and love Him. See? So that's the way we feel about Him when we count the blessings over.



6    It was a... really a... kind of a... couldn't say a coincident, it was simply just the hand of God that worked it out. There's a brother here that had a dream sometime ago, about this thing happening, said I "was standing in a pair of white trousers, in Indian moccasins." And that's just exactly the way I was standing when I called Brother Jack for the meeting here, just exactly, (at Carson, Colorado) Indian moccasins and a pair of white levi trousers on; Brother Leo, if you're listening in, I was just meeting you in a few minutes. So that's when the meeting took its birthplace, right there.


273   Then, day before yesterday, three days ago, come Leo Mercier, coming down with exactly the same dream, not knowing nothing about it; about trying to breed a big white stallion to a black mare, and they couldn't do it; nervous. Said I walked up there, said, "'Leo,'" and told him what I did. I don't want to say it here, see, but I told him what I did. "Said, 'Don't you see? Now, to know this; I didn't know Ed Daulton had a son-in-law, and the son-in-law had a dog by this name. You'll know, Leo, that you're dreaming. But, when you wake up, remember it!'" And said, "I never heard such a command."


I remember here not long ago, Brother Leo, a--a vision that he had--dream, he called it--one night when we first met, that he saw a great pyramid peak, way up in the air. And I was up there preaching somewhere, and he climbed up to see what it was all about. And when he got up there on top this peak, why, he said, way off in kind of a silver-looking light, like a platter, I was standing preaching to the people. And he attracted my attention, and I looked around to him, and he said, "How did you ever get out there? How could I get out there?"

I said, "Leo, no one can come out here. God has to take a man here. Now, you're not to come up here. You're to go down and witness to those people down there, after you've seen it, that it's the Truth, that that is the Truth." Leo climbs back down to witness to the people. How long ago has that been, Brother Leo? Several years, hasn't it? Several years. Since then, as far as I know, he's been faithful in doing that: witnessing to the people that the ministry comes from God. Now, and I--I do not want it to come from me. If it is from me, then it's no good, because there's no good in a man. See? It has to come from God.


E-12  I want to thank the homes that I visit for being so nice, especially Brother and Sister Sharrit and Brother and Sister Williams, and all the fine fellowship everywhere. We sure appreciate you with all of our heart. I say that for my wife, my family, my son, Brother David duPlessis, Brother Roy Borders, my associate Brother Gene Goad, and Brother Leo Mercier. The whole staff... Brother Sothmann (Fred Sothmann from Canada) which is also on the staff at the church, is one of the trustees in the foundation. We thank you all that... from our hearts. God be with you, and we hope to be back with you again before Jesus comes, if it's possible. God bless you, make your churches prosper, and many souls be saved.


40 And we looked at it, and there was the fang holes in his foot where the rattler had hit him, and it was hurting him so bad till the tears was in his eyes. Said, felt like that his bones was just paralyzing. And there we was, many miles back in the swamp. He's a big man to have to pack. And when a snake bites you, you get so sick in a few minutes till you just about dead. And Leo was standing present. And something came on my mind, "Thou art still God." And when he was holding his foot and gripping it, and those two big fang holes in there where the rattler had grabbed him, I laid hands on that place and said, "Lord, it is written in Thy Word, 'They shall tread on the heads of serpents and scorpions, and nothing shall in no wise harm them.'" And at that very instant every pain left his foot. Put on his shoes and fished all day.


E-5  Tonight is the closing service, and I might announce that my good friend here, Brother Leo Mercier, which come from a Catholic, French Canadian Catholic home. He and Mr. Goad... I don't know just what Mr. Goad's formal religion was. And when the meeting was in a certain city, they were there. And they felt like that these visions... (Wonder if they happened at my house?) so they formed themselves a little "FBI agent" and come down to find out what it was true or not. You should hear the testimony. They have become friends of mine.


22-4   Leo, Gene, here's two boys, one a Catholic, and the other I don't think belonged to anything. When they come to Hammond, Indiana, and seen the Holy Spirit in them thousands of people calling out a fe--a few years ago, one of them growed a great big beard; they formed themself a FBI of their own to come down and see if them things was right, come up to my house and posing as evangelists and so forth; and the Holy Spirit went right down and called it out. Here they are setting here now. See, why can't you stand it? What's the matter?


5        And I was speaking to the brother who takes the recordings, Brother Leo, which is in the room, and he was so carried away with it, that he didn't... He said, "Say, who's this preacher?" He was--had the radio up, and Brother Gene or some of them, said, "It's Brother Neville, this is his time." And it really was wonderful. Not only that, but everyone...



77    How wishy-washy, that's what's too many Christians today, are so soft-soaped and everything, until they think all they do is join a church, go in somewhere, put their name on a book, or do a little something, jump up-and-down, shout, or--or something like that, and call it Christianity.

Christianity is a everyday, rugged life, living for God in the... this presence world. It's a constant burning of the Fire and love of God, in the heart, that sets you afire and puts you out yonder with the people, and making converts to Christ. Responsibilities.


355    Denominations have been injected into the Vine. Because, if they claim "Christians," they live by it. Caiaphas was; you know what he was, and yet he even prophesied. See? See, they live by it.


49    Brother Ruddell asked me the question, "Are they living off of the spirit of Satan, or what?"

50    I said, "No, the sucker lives off of the strength of the vine." It lives because, the citrus fruit, a--a lemon will grow in an orange tree; but it will not bear oranges, though it lives by its life.

And the church, so-called, only is a grafted sucker, living under the name of religion, under the name of the church. Catholic and Protestant, just suckers, pulling the... from the strength of the Vine; and yet bearing the fruit of what they are, because they wasn't converted. They wasn't in the original, predestinated plan of God, that's the reason they have to deny the Word and bear other kind of fruit. The real genuine tree, in its root, was predestinated to bring forth oranges on an orange tree.

Jesus said, "I am the Vine; you're the branches."


107  We want to live such Light. He said, "Ye are the salt of the earth." "If the salt has lost its savour," that's its strength in the Gospel. We should have something moving in our churches, that Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, and all of them, would long to come. We should be so salty! Salt makes thirst, creates a thirst. Salt is the savour, if it contacts. It's got to be contacted.


188    If His Life! But if you're still living your own life, then your own works you'll do. See? But if you're living the Life of Christ, if Christ is in you, "He that's in you is greater than he that's in the world." If your doubts and flusterations about God's promise is in you, then Christ isn't there; see, you're only worked up. But if the Life, if Christ is living in you, His Word He will recognize and His promise He'll do. See? He'll do.

237 Now, if the life of Shakespeare was in me, living in me, if Shakespeare lived in me, wouldn't I do the works of Shakespeare? If Beethoven is in me, wouldn't I do the works of Beethoven? If the spirit of Dillinger was in me, if John Dillinger lived in me, wouldn't I be a John Dillinger? If Beethoven was in me, I'd be a Beethoven? See? If Castro was in me, I'd be a Castro? See? And if Jesus Christ is in me, His works I'll do, because it's Him. And didn't He say that same thing would take place? See?


24 Jesus said, going to the grave of Lazarus, "I am the resurrection and Life. He that believeth in Me, though he be dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die. Believeth in Me, not on Me, but in Me." Being in Him, believing! "If ye abide in Me and My Words in you." In Him, believing! Oh, my! I hope the Holy Spirit gets that right down to you. Now, you're the little flock, that's why through the week, praying and asking God, I chose this text, to show you where we stand. Believing in Him. You cannot believe in Him until you come in Him, or, He comes in you, then you're believing in Him, then you have Eternal Life. You're believing on Him until you receive Eternal Life, then Eternal Life is God's Life in you, then you're believing in Him.


57 We get in, it'll dig up the lives of those great men back in there, how they sacrificed. You'll see how little you've done. Makes me feel ashamed of myself sometimes, how we have to have everything so easy, and they had everything so hard. "Wandered about," Paul said in Hebrews 11, "in sheepskins and goatskins, tormented and afflicted, destitute." What will our testimony stand up beside of theirs? How will it be up beside of that? And we have to have everything so nice.