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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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139    Notice here, as a prophet of God, he should not been caught in such a group as that, to begin with. He shouldn't have went with them. But, watch, for popularity sake, see, for his conscience's sake, he said, "Well, stay all night, and I'll try again." See, "I'll try again"? What do you want to try again for?


250  How can you do it? Now He's talking to ministers, see, that's right, holy men. How can you stand and know the Bible predicts and tells them people not to do that, and you can stand and compromise for a few lousy, stinking dollars, for some popularity, and somebody to pat you on the back and call you a "Doctor"? How can you say you love those people? I'm preaching on tapes, too. See?


405  Lust for money, lust for big things, lust for popularity, these things are dead to the believer. We don't care. A tent or a cottage, why should I care; live or die, sink or drown? This is the thing that I'm interested in, the Kingdom of God.


Demas, loving this present world, popularity of men. "Hello, Doctor Demas. I know you got your Ph.!"


92 Jesus of Nazareth, when He was here on earth, the people followed Him many times for fishes and loaves, and so forth, and what they could get out of Him. He let them go on. His popularity begin coming high once. And then one day He got the multitude together after He had fed five thousand, went over on the other side of the lake. A bunch gathered after Him, coming with Him. And He said, "Why did you come? Not because of the miracle, but because of the fishes and the loaves, that's the reason you come." Oh, some of them thought they'd miss something, you know, if they--if they didn't go see what He done. But to touch it? No, sir.

93 Then Jesus, in that same 6th chapter of St. John, begin to lay the Gospel down, and they were offended at Him. And from that time, His popularity begin to decease, come down, "He wasn't the same One then."


142  And that's right, friends. Riches is not measured out by dollars. Riches is not measured out by big names and popularity. Riches is when the Kingdom of God has come into the human heart, changed his emotions, and made him a new creature in Christ Jesus, and give him Eternal Life. That's the richest thing on earth.


2-4    Now, a few weeks ago... I had--had promised the Lord eight or ten, about ten years ago, when I left in 1946, when I left the Tabernacle, that I would serve Him with all my heart in these campaigns, knowing that it was going to be a great disturbance out there, because--and a lot of money included and everything like that. So I--I knew that usually, in reading, that men who get--the Lord bless them just a little bit, there's about three major things that usually brings a minister to his--back to the rut. And noticing them: one of them was money, women, popularity. And those three things... I noticed in the Scriptures that where it... Money was the prophet Balaam, who sold out his gifts to go and... on account of money--when Balak offered so much money. Many of you are acquainted with the story.

To Samson, it was Delilah, the woman who wooed him in her lap until he give away the secrets of the Lord to her.

And Saul, it was popularity; he was a prophet. The Bible said he was numbered with the prophets. And through popularity he wanted to be big and above someone else. He fell by this.


139 But you turn around and marry that, you do it anyhow, 'cause it's popular. The devil has always had a popular thing. It's always been from the beginning a form of religion. Cain had the same thing. Here's his spirit moving right in here through the antichrist; and here comes Abel, the slain one too. That's right.