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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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E-3       While we were here, and we had to come from the Assemblies over here, why we... It's an interdenominational affair. And then I find that there's different groups. And I'm glad that there is different groups. I'm glad that God makes us different. God is a God of variety. He has big mountains and little mountains, and He has... He has deserts and He has swamps. He has white flowers, and blue flowers, and--and red flowers, and He has little bitty men, great big men, and short women, fat women, skinny women, and oh, just all--all different kinds. He's a God of variety. Some red-headed, black-headed, some men with wavy hair, and some with none at all and just... Well, He's just a God of variety. See? He just makes things the way He wants them.

E-4       That's... way I think about... He makes white men, brown men, black men, yellow men; God of variety. See? And we have difference of churches. We have one of one kind and one of another, but we can all be human beings together. The black man can give the white man a blood transfusion. Vice versa, the Indian can give the white man, the white man the Indian; for God made of one blood, all nations. So He made us to be one people.

But just as Solomon's temple was cut out in different parts of the country... But when they come together (they was different kinds of stones), but when it come time for it to be fitted together, they all went stone into stone, no hammers, no saws, forty years in its building. I believe when God gets ready to take the church, we won't be arguing whether we're Methodist, or Baptist, or... whether what we are, it'll just all go together.


23 And it's good, I think, on New Year's night to see different preachers, and the way they approach a text, and what they say, and so forth, and each man having his own way of preaching.

You know, God didn't make us all alike. He made us different. He made us different in our stature; He made the world different, and big mountains, the little mountains, prairies, deserts, and big white flowers, blue flowers, and all different kinds. He just makes us different; that's all. He makes red heads, black heads, brown heads, white heads; fat, slim, tall, oh, whatevermore. See? He just... He just makes us different. God is a God of variety. And I kind of like that, don't you? But just the same thing all the time... My, my. I like this.