There are several main reasons for setting up this site dedicated to William Marrion Branham and the promotion of his Message and Worship.

Firstly, this site allows us to centralize and disseminate the teachings of William Marrion Branham in an organized and accessible way. William Marrion Branham is mankind’s greatest Prophet since Adam, the originator of the Spoken Word and the Divine Revelator of all the Word.

This website therefore offers a platform where his Message is accessible, indexed and searchable by believers. This would ensure that William Marrion Branham’s teachings are preserved for future generations and available to a worldwide audience.

Secondly, this website dedicated to William Marrion Branham also serves as a meeting point and community for all Message believers. It enables Message believers to share their experiences, testimonies and reflections on the Message. In addition, discussion forums and live question-and-answer sessions are available for those with questions. This virtual community is a place where believers in the Message can feel connected, even if they are geographically distant, and where they can find comfort and encouragement in their common faith.

This site is intended primarily for believers in the Message preached by William Marrion Branham and for those who want to know more about this man from Kentucky.