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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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    What is the name for the Real baptism that was hidden

    in the Seven Seals ?

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 § 87 – 91 God's Words were unfolding, and we must unfold as God's Word unfolds.

As time unfolds, signs unfolds. And if the natural world...

This man is the same man he was six thousand years ago when God made him. He's the same intellectual; he's the same intelligence; he's just the same man with the same five senses, that he was thousands of years ago; but look what progress he's made in the past fifty years. Look what that fallen son of God has did.

He's invented automobiles, and radio, and electric lights, and atomic bombs, and jet planes. Look how fast--the pages are turning fast in science. But we are trying to linger back on some old church creed, and stand there, when God wants us to unfold the Word. We're living in the last days. We're living in the time that God's great beautiful church ought to be standing on its feet, shining like the Lily of the Valley.

But we're back some, "Well, I belong to the Presbyterian, the Methodist, the Pentecostal. I'm this or that." Oh, what a disgrace. We should be unfolding, God's Spirit pouring out, not just one little gusher, not one little baptism, but baptism after baptism. Not a revelation, "Just shall live by faith," or sanctification, or the gifts of the spirit, but revelation after revelation, power after power, glory after glory, for we ought to be way up the road ready for the translation.

And we're lingering back down in the old things and saying, "Well, we keep going back." Let's go forward.

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Quotation of the week


See, denominations make stagnant pools where man can live with women, and them women can carry on, and cut their hair, and wear shorts, and anything else, and call themselves Christians. But a genuine Fountain, hallelujah, of the Power of God, it can't stay there, because It pushes it out. "I am the Fountain of living Waters. They left Me, to dig themselves some cisterns."


Now, a fountain of living water, we find out, what is a fountain of living water? We find out what the cistern is, now what is a fountain of living water? It's an artesian well.


"An artesian well, what's that, Brother Branham?"


It's a well that it's always comes from beneath and pushes its water out. It's flowing all the time. It is self-supporting. Always fresh and clean, an artesian well, a fountain of living water. It's not dead and stagnated. It's living, it's constantly changing, bringing up something new all the time, moving on, coming from its resources. It draws its resources from--from its bed, which is a... still a fountain of living waters spraying up. Self-cleansing; it's clean, pure, clean water. It's self-supporting; you don't have to wait for the rains to fill its tank up. It's always a bubbling up, gives its water free. You don't have to pump it, wind it, twist it, or join it. It's just a fountain of living waters.

64-0726E BROKEN CISTERNS, JEFF. IND. § 73-74