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This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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§ 103 Backsliding's not lost; I want somebody to tell me where backsliding's lost, and prove it to the Bible. Backslider's not lost; he's just out of fellowship. Israel backslid but they never lost their covenant; they lost their--their praises and joy. David lost the joy of his salvation when he took Bathsheba, Uriah's wife, but he never lost his salvation. He never said "restore to me my salvation"; he said, "Restore to me the joy of my salvation."

§ 47 But on backsliding, remember, you backslide every day. There's no way at all for you to keep out of it. All right. But you backslide to the people in the church, but not before God... See? You backslide on Christ, but you don't on God. 'Cause, if you--when you sin, you're gone. But you're constantly falling. Paul had to die every day. Is that right? He had to die every day, repent every day, and just constantly repenting all the time. See? And if Paul had to do that, then I'm going to have to too. Aren't you?

§ 109 And you love the Lord with all your heart; you don't have to worry about these things. If you make a mistake, you don't sin willfully, you just done something wrong.
See, you've slipped back.

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Now watch this doctrine of Balaam most carefully. Notice above all, that it is the deliberate maneuver of a corrupt clergy to bind the people to them, by leading the people deliberately into the sin of unbelief. The Nicolaitane doctrine was the corruption of the clergy as they sought political power amongst themselves, while Balaamism is the subjection of the people to their system of creed and worship in order to hold them. Now watch this carefully. What was it that bound the people to the nominal church and thereby destroyed them? It was the creeds and dogmas formed into church tenets. It was the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. They were not given the true food, the Word. They were given the food that came from idol worship, Babylonian paganism wrapped up in Christian terminology. And that very same spirit and doctrine is right amongst all Protestants and it is called DENOMINATION. Nicolaitanism is organization, humanizing the leadership of the church, and thereby deposing the Spirit. Balaamism is denominationalism which takes the church manual instead of the Bible. And right to this hour, many of God's people are caught in the snare of denominationalism and God is crying to them, "Come out of her My people, lest ye be partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not her plagues." You see they are ignorant. But if the rapture should take place at this moment, ignorance would be no court of appeal from the judgment of God for being in the wrong ranks.

For the clergy to organize themselves with one rank over another until they are finally headed up by a president is a manifestation of the antichrist spirit, regardless of how wonderful and necessary it may seem. It is nothing but human reasoning taking the place of the Word. And any person who is in the organized denominations is right in the midst of an antichrist system. Now let me say this and make it very plain. I AM NOT AGAINST THE PEOPLE. I AM AGAINST THE SYSTEM.

With a state and church union the stage has been set for the Dark Ages. And indeed for about 1000 years the church went into the depth of blackness, knowing the depths of Satan. When any religious people embrace both Nicolaitanism and Balaamism, and have the political, financial and physical power to back it up there is only one direction they can go. That direction is right into the Jezebel doctrine. Now why do we say this? Because as we pointed out in the study of the fourth age that Jezebel was a Sidonian, the daughter of Ethbaal who was king priest to Astarte. He was a murderer. This woman married Ahab (King of Israel) for political expediency. She then took over the religion of the people and murdered the Levites, and erected temples wherein she caused the people to worship Astarte (Venus) and Baal (Sun god). She formulated the teaching and made her priests teach it, and they in turn made the people accept it. There you can see exactly what the nominal church was in the Dark Ages. They left the Word of God entirely except for names and titles of Godhead and a few Scriptural principles. They twisted what they did take out of the Bible by changing its meaning. Their college of bishops, etc., wrote vast treatises, their popes declared themselves infallible and said they received revelation from God and spoke as God to the people. All this was taught to the priests who through fear made the people believe it. To dissent was death or excommunication which might be worse than death. It was now the church with the assured voice that took over, and wild with power they drank the blood of the martyrs until the true Christians were all but exterminated and there was hardly any Word left, and little manifestation of the Holy Ghost. But the true vine struggled and survived. God was faithful to the little flock and in spite of what Rome might do to their bodies, Rome could not kill the Spirit within them, and the light of the Truth shone on, backed by the Holy Ghost and power.

This is a good place to make an illuminating observation. Look. The deeds and doctrines of the Nicolaitanes, the doctrine of Balaam, and the teaching of the false prophetess, Jezebel, do not constitute three spirits or make three spiritual principles. These three are but the various manifestations of the same spirit as it goes from depth to depth. What it all is, is the antichrist spirit of organization in its three various stages. Once the clergy separated themselves and organized themselves they oppressed the people by leading them into, and binding them to organization also. This organization was based upon the creeds and dogma which they taught the people instead of the pure Word of God. Ritual and ceremony was given an increasing part in worship, and soon this whole system was a militant and diabolical power that did its best to control all through the persuasion of discourse or literal force. It received its energy from its own false prophecies and not the Word of God. It was now absolutely antichrist though it came in Christ's Name.

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115    I baptized him, after being a trinitarian, I baptized him when he... was one of my first meetings, when Brother Banks Wood had to let him have his clothes (he's a good-size man, as you see), and he went into the pool and I baptized him at about eighty-five or ninety years old, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. He said he never could feel right until he found that security of something. Then he received a birth-day where he'll never grow old. That's right, that great Land. He even is expecting to live to see the Coming of the Lord; it can be done. But if he would sleep, he... and we are awake at that time, he'll come first. Right. So, Brother Dauch, there's no way now to miss it. You're exactly on the line. Stay there, my brother, and God bless you. And I thank the Lord for a good man like that, and for giving him all of these years.


143    I went westward. Upon that same mountain, passing up with Banks Woods there, said, "Throw up a rock. Say to Mr. Woods, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD, you'll see the Glory of God.'"

144    The very next day, standing there, a whirlwind came down and blasted the mountains out. Rocks cut the top of the trees off, about three or four feet above my head. Made three big blasts, and the brothers come running over. There was about fifteen man standing there, preachers and everything else. "What was it?" He said, "What was it?"

I said, "Judgment is striking the West Coast."


81   Looking back there at some friends that was with me up there when the Angel of the Lord... These boys setting here, I believe they found the place where it happened up there. And just remember what the Lord said that day, to Brother Woods. Was walking up the hill. And--and he was kind of weeping, because of his wife being sick. And the Lord said, "Pick up that rock and throw it up in the air, and say, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD.'" And I did that. And Brother Woods is setting as a witness.

82    And I said, "Brother Woods, it won't be long till you're going to see something happen." And the next day, when we were standing there, all of us together... And a bunch of the man standing right here tonight.


3     It's a privilege to be here this morning. I'm very happy for all of you. And Brother Woods, Brother Roy Roberson, many other brethren, has worked faithfully the last two days, to air-condition this building for this purpose, 'cause last Sunday they seen how you suffered. And they had a little money in the church treasure, and they went to work and put it to work to make you comfortable, with the money that you placed into the offering, to while you can set, listen at the Message. Much cooler today than it was then. So we're grateful to God, and to you people, for this opportunity.


9    When I walked in to see this pulpit, the kind I have always longed for all my life--I... Brother Wood knew what I liked. He never said he would build it, but he has built it. And I noticed the building and how the construction, it's just all... It's supreme.


183       The other day, on the trip, I had a discussion, the Jehovah Witness. Now, no disregard to anybody's belief. We got plenty of them converts setting here, from Jehovah Witness. One of our trustees of the church was Jehovah Witness, was, and was saved, him and his family. His father was a reader; Brother Woods and them. All of his brothers and sisters now, about all of them has come in, received the Holy Ghost, because of the visions of God tell them what they did. And what they... See? That done it.


39      The church leaves on the 3rd chapter of Revelations. Nothing said in there about--nothing but just the last thing was the last messenger of the age. Then we deal with the Jews until the coming again with the Bride in the 19th chapter. From the 6th to the 19th chapter is all Jewish. That's where I want to get to my good brother over here during these seals, Brother Wood, which was formally Jehovah Witness, he and all of his family here this morning, that those 144,000 were not--had anything to do with the Gentiles; they're Jews. See? And it isn't the mystic body of Christ in the earth today; the Bride is that mystic Body. By the Holy Spirit we're baptized into that mystic Body.


16      But these dear people, so says my neighbor, Mrs. Wood, who has a microphone hooked up here and a tape back there to tape the meetings just purposely to get those messages, and write them down, and see whether they are right or not. See? That's how she's checking them. I know Mrs. Wood to be an honest woman, and she's telling me of many things that's been said are coming to pass.


8   Brother Littlefield, if Billy's here, called me last night and he's sending the descriptions of that tabernacle I dedicated there, which the architects... Brother Wood, it cost, I believe, five hundred dollars just for the architect to draw it up. And he--he's sending that with the price and everything of all the material and every two-by-four and so-by-so that goes in it. And he's sending it to us, and wants to come; and said he'll go to the lumber people and so forth and see if he can't get them to make a--a cut like they did on his. Very beautiful tabernacle, not very big, but it's a beautiful structure.


177     Now, either Brother Wood or Billy, one, is touching me in the back, which I know it's just about time that... They won't let me stand much longer, 'cause my strength is gone.