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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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180       All right, I'm going to ask somebody who can lead songs, just to... Where is that great preacher, brother, that...? What's his name? Capps, Brother Capps. Is he in the line? What's that? Come here, Brother Capps, and stand there and sing (the congregation) while we all pray, "The great Physician now is near."


10    I seen Brother Capps raise his head up. You're too young to think them thoughts now. And so wait till you get up where Brother Neville and I are, then--then you'll--you'll think a lot of things different, kind of weakens down.


179       All right, then have a congregational song, and then maybe a second congregational song, and then have somebody already spoke of, if you can, to lead in prayer. Let the--the pastor, ever... Well, the pastor shouldn't be there, the--the song leader should do that. It's Brother Capps, I think. See, he'd know what to do, let--let him have someone spoke... or either lead in prayer hisself. Have the congregation to stand in prayer, see, just stand up, and let somebody lead in prayer. Now, if you don't watch...


15       And now, tonight, I'll give to praying for the sick.

And I want to... man, and bless these man, and Brother Collins, and Hickerson, Brother Neville, Brother Capps, the trustees, and all, for the fine reports that's been coming, of how you're orderly, setting the church, and how everything is be coming into its right position. I'm grateful to you man. The Lord bless you for trying to carry out an order. And letter after letter comes into Tucson, to me, "Brother Branham, it's not like it used to be. It's so much different, such a blessed feeling of the Presence of God." And I'm--I'm grateful for that. The Lord ever bless you!


5       And we've assembled here now in the church. We pray for Brother Neville, and for Brother Capps, and Brother Collins, and all the rest of the ministers, and the--and the trustees, deacons, and all the laity, and the strangers in our gates. May this be a day that we'll long remember, because of Your Presence.


53       And now you are--you are welcome to be in our midst at any time. Now, I'm not here all the time, but we have some fine pastors here; Brother Neville, one of our pastors; Brother Capps, another of our pastors; and Brother--and Brother Collins, Wilbur Collins, another, our pastors. And then we have different ones from different parts, our little associated churches. If you're around in--in Texas, the Martin brothers here, and Brother... What's the brother that comes with you out here? I can't see Brother Blair this morning. Oh, Brother Blair, I didn't see you, Brother Blair. Brother Ruddell, right back here, one of the churches on 62, one of the sister churches here. Brother Junior Jackson, sitting right here by Brother Blair, I see him now, another one of our sister churches. And we got churches around over the country from everywhere.


6.       And then, here is the picture of those... I was telling you this morning of those Beatles, "Return of Beatles," and there's the articles; you just should read it out of the magazine and all of the different things. "... as it were, had founded a new religion." Now, their manager... I've got a note out of the paper here. You haven't got time... If anybody wants to read these or I can put them on the bulletin board, then you can read them. And I just want to show you the hour that we're living in is shocking. You might not understand it; but, people, try to understand it, that--what these things are. I've asked Brother Capps; he's got a good education and can read better than I, I've asked him to read this article from the manager of the Beatles. Can you do it, Brother Capps, at this time?


35       I want to talk to Brother Vayle, Brother Rober-... Borders, and the brethren here. If... I wonder if they couldn't have, in the church, in the afternoon, or some morning, or something, instruction service for those who are seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Would that be all right, you brethren? Brother Neville and all of you could get there, and Brother Capps.


17       Tonight we have a little change in the service. We have a fine brother here, Brother Capps. He come to us from the Nazarene church. And I think that is right, Brother Capps? He is wishing tonight to be ordained by us, by laying on hands.

19    And, now, Brother Capps has been ordained officially in the--the Nazarene church, but tonight he wants the elders, and so forth, to lay hands upon him for ordination, to carry this Message. What a gallant thing!

20       I have--I have heard the reports ever since I been in Tucson, and such wonderful reports, of Brother Capps here in his assistance to our gracious Brother Neville, who is holding the candle of Light just as gallantly as these two man can hold. We have laid hands on Brother Neville, but not upon Brother Capps. And I want those who are ministers, Brother Jackson and them, if they're here, and Brother Ruddell and the elders of the church here, if they'll come up here just for a few minutes now, and laying hands on Brother Capps. And the..

27.     Let the elders walk around now and lay hands upon Brother Capps. Let's all bow our heads.

28       Dear God, the temple posts has moved again, and as seeing the Spirit of the quickening Life working in our brother. I pray, God, as he feels this from Above, that says that he must go. We lay hands upon him, as Your elders, Lord, and give to him the right hand of fellowship; and lay our hands upon him, and pass the blessings of God upon him, that You'll anoint his lips, his thinking, his entire being. And may he take this Message of the Gospel to every crack and corner that You'll call him to. Grant it, Lord. We give You our brother, as a servant of Yours, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

199       Remember now, pray for me when the hot persecution winds are blowing, when devils on every side is challenging, I'll remember you're praying for me night or day, and I'll be praying for you.

Stand by your good pastor, Brother Neville, and the associate, Brother Capps. Listen to them. They'll teach you the Word of Life. I believe that. If I didn't believe it, I certainly wouldn't have them here. I certainly would not. I believe that they believe the Message, and they stay with it to the best of their knowledge, and I've got faith in both men. Stay with them. These other brothers, around where they got their meeting, that stood here tonight, if you're around their neighborhood, stand by them. You heard what they come here for, tonight.


3    We thank You for what You did for those in the hospital this morning, and what You did for Brother Capps' little boy that was laying, almost dying, and now here he is in the audience tonight. How we thank You, Father, for all these things!


§ 47-49 It's built right up like this to a point. And the stone on the capstone never was found. They never did put a cap on top of the pyramid. I don't know whether you know it or not. The big pyramid of Egypt, it never had a top stone on it. Why? The Capstone was rejected, Christ, the Headstone (See?), was rejected.
But as we grow from the Lutheran age, Baptist age, Methodist age, Pentecostal age, we're right up to the Capping Stone now (See?), waiting and longing for that Capping Stone to set down; the building's complete. Have not you read in the Scripture, "the stone was rejected." 'Course, we realize that was talking to the Solomon's temple. "But the rejected Stone has become the Chief of the corner." But I'm saying this only to make a--a picture to you.
Now, and in the Bible, we're living in the last days, the top of the pyramid, the crossed fishes of the cancer age in the zodiac, in the time of the coming of the Leo the lion, in the capping Stone, and in the days of the manifestation of the sons of God in the Bible. See? See where we're at? We're right at the end time.

§ 55-56 I don't think I have a dollar bill in my pocket. But there is... Yes, I do; I have a dollar bill. I'm sorry. On the back of this dollar bill you'll see the seal of the United States on the left side, looking towards you. From me it'd be on the left side; yours, it's right. It's the eagle, and also in there the coat of arms and so forth. But on this side here, right side to me, you see the pyramid. And you notice, above the pyramid is the capstone, and beneath there says, "The Great Seal." Even on our currency, that we have to recognize... No infidel can stamp out Christianity. Every letter that you date, dates the birth of our Lord. Every calendar, everything speaks of Him. Even on our currency, the Headstone, which is Christ... Why did not they put the headstone on the pyramid?

Because the Headstone was rejected when It come.
But now, according to the prophecy, there will come the Headstone. And I want you to notice that when the Headstone comes, the prince that's going to cry out the message will cry out, "Grace, grace." For it's by grace are we saved, that not of works, lest any man should boast. And the message of grace has been tramped under the feet of men until it's become a disgrace. Some of them runs out into eternal security; some runs out into, oh, everything. But the true message of grace remains the same, and there's where Satan tries to knock it out from the church. But it's the grace of God that we're all saved by.

§ 373-374 You remember the pyramid message? It's the capstone. What did it do? The Holy Spirit capped off the individual and sealed it when we added to our faith, righteousness, and godliness, and faith, and so forth. We kept adding to it till we got seven things, and the seventh one was Love which is God. That's how He makes the individual. He caps him and seals him with the Holy Spirit. Then if that be so, He's got seven church ages that He's had seven mysteries that's been sounded away and they fought for to bring back, and now the Headstone comes to cap off the church. Does the thunders mean that, my brethren? Sirs, is that where we are at?

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Did you ever know, that every son that cometh to God, must first--first be tried, whipped, child whipping correction? It's not easy. When God gives you a whipping, you go out here and say, "Well, I'll mingle around a little bit." God will give you a real old fashion spanking for it. And I tell you, if we had more of that in the natural today, we'd have better children. God wants His household straightened out. So He gives you a little whipping, so you can get straightened up. Makes you love Him more.

My father used to give me whippings, and I thought, "Oh, my." I wished I could call the old gray-headed brother, father of mine, back from the other lands today. I would respect every whipping he ever give me. I never got even as much as I needed. I thought so then, but I don't now, because it corrected me. Though he didn't do right himself, yet he wanted me to do right. Amen. He wants us to. If the earthly parents wants us to so well, what about our heavenly Parent the Lord Jesus? He has to correct us. And the Scripture says, "If we cannot stand chastisement, or a whipping, child-correction, then we become illegitimate children and not the children of God." See?


And now He says to His own, "As many as I love, I REBUKE AND CHASTEN." To rebuke is to reprove. To reprove is to `expose with a view to correction.' Chasten does not mean to punish. It means to "discipline because the subject's amendment is in mind." This is exactly what we find in Hebrews 12:5-11, "And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children. My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou art rebuked of Him; For whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth. If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the Father chasteneth not? But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons. Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live? For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but He for our profit, that we might be partakers of His holiness. Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby."

Herein is now set forth the love of God. He desired in love a family of His own, a family of sons--sons like Himself. There before Him lies all mankind as ONE lump of clay. Out of that same lump He will now make vessels unto honor and unto dishonor. The CHOOSING will be His own choosing. Then those chosen ones, born of His Spirit will be trained to conform to His image in their walk. He REPROVES with all long-suffering and gentleness and mercy. He CHASTENS with nail scarred hands. Sometimes this Potter must take the vessel He is working on and thoroughly break it down in order that He may rebuild it exactly as He desires it. BUT IT IS LOVE. THAT IS HIS LOVE. ANOTHER WAY OF HIS LOVE THERE IS NOT. THERE CANNOT BE.


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