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Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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140    These things that's supposed to happen, all these women with short hair, and these man wearing their... like they got hair like their wives. I see them, absolutely, have these roller-curlers in their hair, curl it up here in front. What a perversion! That's the results of Satan's Eden. And like her, she's trying to cut her hair like her husband. Her husband's letting his hair grow like his wife. And she is wearing his clothes, and he's wearing her underneath clothes. See, there you are. She's getting masculine, and he's getting feminish. See, it's Satan's Eden, contrary to what God made it at the beginning. That's the Truth.


174 How can the Word pregnate a person: how can a bobbed-haired woman, painted face, wearing shorts?

175    How can a preacher, goes out here to a seminary, and looks at Acts 2:38 and sees that there's not a person in the Bible ever baptized in those titles, and then still say he's pregnated with the Word of God? Telling you a lie! He sold his birthright. He's committed adultery against the very Thing that he said. He is put away, in divorce.


251    A Seed cannot. A Seed of God cannot bring forth a bob-haired woman. It cannot do it. Just can't do it, 'cause the Bible said so. See, It can't do it. No, sir.

Now it seems so hard to humble to God's Word.

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82    But the way they are on the street today, hair cut like a man, wearing man's clothes; and then man turn around, wearing women's clothes, and a haircut like a woman. See, it's a perversion, the whole thing! Your food is perverted. Your life is perverted. Your thirst, perverted. Your desire is perverted. It's a day of perversion!

65-0919  THIRST_  TUCSON.AZ  V-16 N-6

189  I like to see a man when he's a man. I hate to see one with his wife's underclothes on out here, and slipped up along the side; and--and a roller hanging down here in front, and two cones of hair hanging down like bangs, cut in front. That, I--I couldn't call that a man. He don't know what side of the race he belongs on. See? That's right. You see the woman, look, the woman is trying to cut her, make her hair like the man; the man is trying to make his hair, bangs, like the woman. The man is wearing his wife's underneath clothes; she is wearing his overalls. See, just a perversion, right around.


179    For, God's Word said, "It's a shame for a woman to cut her hair. She'll dishonor her head." If she dishonors her husband, and her husband is the Church, and the Church is Christ, she is a dishonorable religious prostitute; naked and don't know it. Naked! Don't the Bible said, "The woman's covering is her hair"? Isn't the hair give to her for a covering?


96   What is the woman's beauty and honor? Is her hair. That's the reason many of you women today cut it all off. That's wrong. She, she took her hair and begin to wash the... His feet, and wipe them, her--her pretty hair, taking the stink off of Him, upon herself, bearing His reproach. Oh, my! That's when you recognize Who is in your presence. See? Our sisters would have to almost stand on their head, to get enough hair to do that. So there she washed His feet, and wiped them with the hairs of her head, and she kissed His feet.


159 God said, "It's an abomination in His sight for a woman to put on a garment... " And when a woman cuts her hair like a man... God wants a woman to look like a woman, dress like a woman, act like a woman.

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284    Like the man was, when he still had hatred, malice and strife in him; when the Fire baptism come, it cleaned it off. No more jealousy, no more of nothing; it's just absolutely is a dwelling place for God. And, remember, that's His delegation that's going to meet Him over yonder. Amen! Oh, what a...


437  Coming down there, that glorious palace yonder, that Kingdom of God there, where all the old will be young, where the white robes are already on them, the men and women has changed in the beauty, the very art of a--of a--a handsome man and a--a lovely woman, standing there in all the beauty and stature of a young woman and a young man standing there and never can get old, never can be sinful, never can be anything of jealousy, or hatred, or anything... Oh, my.


But it's a perverted life. Look at the nature of that boy. He was of his daddy, the Devil; hatred, mean, murderer. See?


45  Yesterday morning we were lying in bed a little late, and the children didn't have to go to school, and we got to speaking about different things, and how, "What was hatred?"

I said, "Hatred had a beginning so it has to have an end. Love had no beginning, so it has no end. Hatred is forever. Love is eternal. Hatred begins and hatred will end. Love never did begin and it never will end (See?); it's eternal.


37 And you never cast a devil out by the wrong attitude. It takes love to do that. And love is the most powerful force that there is in the world. Now, if you notice, a devil is always hate. Hate is of the devil. And when people hate someone, remember it is a terrible devil to despise or dislike. You mustn't do that.


128    Now, when these great Lights went out, or great rays of Spirit: love, peace, that's all there was, That. There wasn't no suffering. There wasn't no--no hate, nor no malice; it couldn't come from this Fountain. That was Jehovah. That was Jehovah God. And now, as the theologians call it, a theophany went from That, which was called, in the Scriptural, the "Logos," the Logos that went out of God. It's hard to explain, but It was a part of God.


199 You can't have speaking in tongues and Divine healing in the church, and still envy and strife and malice and hatred. You can't do it. It won't mix. God will pull it out just as sure as the world. Got to come back. That's what happened to the church.

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E-58       Sister Hattie Wright... All of you know... We call her Wright. Her name's Mosier. But she's been a loyal person, a little old housewife, lived in two rooms a way back up into the hills, out there with a shovel and a hoe, trying to hoe the cockleburs out of a corn patch to keep her little family together. She's worked faithfully.

When I was setting at the table eating dinner, I'd been explaining what faith was. I said, "If faith's like this, if I'd see a vision of Brother Shelby setting so-and-so, and each one the way they was..."

And Sister Hattie was setting way back out toward another room. She didn't have much to say--never does.

E-62  I said, "That same Jehovah-jireh, trying to get His promise over to me, in my thickness and dullness of mind. He could speak my need into existence the same as He could speak Abraham's need into existence."

I'd no more than said that until Sister Hattie (setting there crying now)... hadn't said a word. And she said, "That's nothing but the truth."

She said the right thing. She said just like Banks said down there. I heard her voice as it swept from my ears, like up into the woods. Mrs. Wright setting back there with her little girl was trying to interpret what Edith said, I couldn't hear Mrs. Wright.

And that super-anointing swept over me, said, "Tell Hattie that she's found grace in the sight of God." Who would've thought...? Said, "Tell her to ask whatever she will, then you speak it by this gift into existence. Whatever she asketh, speak it into existence."

I looked at Sister Hattie. The first time it was ever performed on a human being. I said, "Sister Hattie, ask what you will. God's going to give it to you."

E-63       What do you think of that? Does it get in to you? Seven times He had confirmed it by an animal. Seven is God's complete number. Here's the first time on a human being. And He... What did He choose? Some great aristocrat? A great noted minister? A poor little widow woman that could hardly write her name. God knows what He's doing. Said, "Ask what you will."

Hattie said to me, "Brother Branham, what do you mean?"

I said, "Ask anything your heart desires, and it shall be produced right here, that you'll know that the Lord God of heaven answers, and His Scriptures are true." My first time with the new gift, my first anointing... I could hardly hear.

And she looked around. We'd been talking about her little crippled sister. I said, "Oh, don't doubt," in my heart, "within a few minutes, little Edith will be jumping to the glory of God."

Hattie looked around, all around. And she said, "Brother Bill, my greatest desire is for the salvation of my two boys."

E-64       What a... Why, there couldn't have been a greater thing. She could've asked for ten thousand dollars; she'd have got it. What if it'd been some millionaire, would have asked for another million. God knowed what she was going to ask for.

Sister Hattie, at least seven or eight witnesses standing there... All you people that was present that--when that happened, raise up your hand, everybody in the building was present that happened. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Seven of them, eight of them, eight of them was present when that happened.

I said, "Ask anything you want to, 'cause God's give it to me to give to you whatever you want."

She said her boys was beginning to go off on the teen-age tantrum. And she said, "The salvation of my two boys..."

I said, "By the will of God, by the power of God, I give you, in the Name of Jesus Christ, your desire." And her two boys shook under the power of God, and that whole building trembled. Banks fell into his plate. Shelby grabbed... And Hattie screamed till you could hear her for two blocks. And them two boys with tears rolling down their cheeks received exactly what they asked for right then.

Oh, the first time it was ever used on a human being. "Ask what you will, and it shall be given unto you." Her boys setting there with her this morning.

E-75       Sister Hattie, we're close around the same age. And Brother George Wright there, her dad, and her boys, and mother, Shelby; I want to say this: I guess you wondered why I got up and walked out of the house as quick as I did. I have never... I've been where thirty thousand raw heathens was saved at one time (South Africa), come to Christ. I thought that was the greatest anointing I ever felt. It never in no ways compared with that down at George Wright's the other day. I have never felt anything like that. The whole room just seemed to be just a--a Light of the Glory of God.

Now, Sister Hattie's very quiet, and pious little woman; never raises her voice about anything. But you could've heard her scream a city block when the Holy Spirit struck the building. Everybody--everybody there felt It. It was wonderful. We may live a long time. But Sister Hattie, as long as there is a memory in our mind, we'll remember that, Sister Wright.


E-57   And said, "You know what?" Said, "Hattie wanted to pluge--pledge fifty dollars towards that church, and Brother Roberson, the--the trustee of the church, one of them, the chairman, wouldn't let her give it." Said, "Because that'd take her about six months to dig fifty dollars out of them hills over there." And said, "But she give twenty, and Brother Branham, she wants..."

I thought, "You know what? I--I got twenty dollars here in my pocket. Meda give it to me to pick up some eggs." I said, "I'll just give her that twenty 'fore I leave back. And just... She's away from here, and you'll never know it. So I'd--I'd bought her ice boxes and things, 'cause I felt so sorry for her up there, that little old mother trying to work away on that hill." And so, I thought, "I'll just give her these--this twenty dollars, is what I'll do. When I leave I'll just slip it so she'll get it and that's her twenty dollars she paid in on the church up there." So I thought, "I'll just give her that."


E-7     And I wish I was financially able so that you wouldn't even have to never mention an offering. I'd have to mention it anyhow because... I did that one time by a great check that somebody was going to give me, more than I thought that should be given, but I--I wouldn't accept it. And so the brother said, "Well, I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll just take the check, if you'll come and go to a meeting we won't have any--take up one offering or anything."

I said, "That's fine; I'll do that." Said then, I did that and it was not a success. People has to have something in the meeting. See, it's their meeting. And they'd meet me on the street and ask me, "What's the matter with this meeting? We haven't got no part into it; they don't even take up an offering." So an offering is part of worship. That's right. I know more that than ever since the other day when I was going to give Hattie Wright back that twenty dollars that she'd pledged towards the new Tabernacle in Jeffersonville; the Lord said, "Just let her alone." And a few minutes later I see why He said let her alone.


170     I seen it happen in Hattie's house. How many ever heard the story about the squirrels, and about the girl, the little woman? The first person in all since we've knowed, since the days of the disciples, was ever given the privilege to say, "Ask what you will," when you're there. Did you ever hear the story? Did you ever see the woman? How many never seen her, and want--would like to see the woman it happened on? We... Hattie, would you stand up? There's the lady.


171       Hattie Wright, she--I guess she's here this morning, setting right there. She was the first one, when we seen those squirrels; and she knowed the commission about that, and when them seven straight times that God created something, I said, "That's the same God that could create a ram for Abraham to convince him of his commission, is the same God that can create a squirrel, because that's what I had need of."

And little old Hattie Wright there, setting in the back of the building, with her heart off the things of the world, she was believing; she said, "Brother Branham, that's nothing but the truth." She didn't just say it from here; God spoke out of her heart.

I said, "Hattie, ask what you will; I'll give it to you."

She said, "What must I ask?"

296     That was his daughter, Sister Hattie setting right there, on which I testified a while ago, that the new ministry worked the first time. That's right, Sister Hattie. Wonder if the boys are in this morning, are they with you?


151       Listening in, in Jeffersonville now, there's a family named Wright. Brother Woods and I went down to see them. They make the communion wine for the church. Little Edith was setting there in the room; a little crippled girl, that she had been sick all of her life, and so we had always looked to God to heal her. Her sister, a widow, her husband had been killed; her name was Hattie, very humble little woman. And while Brother Banks and I went out to get her a rabbit, they had cooked a big cherry cobbler; and made me set down and eat.