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Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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158       And there, when I was watching, one day, when I started preach these Seven Church Ages. And I called Jack Moore, a great theologian. I said, "Jack, Who is this Person standing there? 'There is One like the Son of man standing there, hair as white as wool.'" I said, "He was a young Man, how could He have hair as white as wool?"

159    He said, "Brother Branham, that was His glorified body." That didn't ring the bell.

But when I went in the room and started praying, He let me know what it was. See?


164       Well, another doctor said to me, a good friend of mine, said, "That's your heart, boy," said "you better be careful." That's the year I called Brother Moore and he got somebody to preach in my stead, when I went on that ram hunt with Brother Fred. I'd go up over mountains just like I did when I was sixteen years old, mile after mile, running; never bothered me a bit. See?


87       I'm preaching... I wouldn't preach it in Brother Jack's church, he'd tell me, "Go ahead and do it"; but I'm going to the tabernacle, it'll be about four hours long. And my subject is, "The beast at the beginning and the beast at the end, through the trail of a serpent." See? Takes about four hours. I got my Scriptures all laying out. The beast from the beginning, he was the beast at the Garden of Eden, he's the beast at the end, and show that he's a religious person and a denomination (that made the denomination); and come right through the trail of it, and prove it to you by the Scriptures that it is. I didn't know that till the Holy Spirit give it to me the other day up there.

94    He said, "Well, Brother Branham, I declare it to be that it was in... was after His resurrection in His glorified body." I was talking to Brother Jack. And there's... I don't know of anybody in the world that I'd rely on anymore of their teachings on theology and things as I would like Brother Jack Moore and Brother Vayle, and such man as--as that, real theologians that's read all kinds of books and different angles from everything. Well, but, you see, even with that, and my bosom friend, I--I--I just couldn't receive it, there was something there just wouldn't take it.


5    Now we're going to Shreveport this week, this coming week, for a series of services, and now we're going to try, if the Lord willing. Brother Moore, Brother Jack Moore, a very good friend of both Brother Pearry and I, and we love Brother Jack. The Message, I think, kind of baffled him a little, especially on some of the things that we hold dear and believe, that--that It came to us through the opening of the Seven Seals, as we believe It, such as, "serpent's seed," and "Eternal security of the believers," and--and so forth, some of those Messages. That, maybe to others... We don't think This is hard, but, It, you've got to open your heart to Truth. We believe that we're living in the--the end time. That's just so real to us, that we're just at the end of the road.


34    And Brother Jack Moore, from Shreveport, Louisiana, a bosom friend of mine, he was sitting there. I said, "Brother Jack, isn't that found in Saint John 16?"

He said, "Yes."


82       Everywhere now, there's no revival. Everybody is complaining, ministers crying. I was reading one of the--the outstanding papers that comes here to the church, a very fine paper. And I know the editor, and I know the people. And they are godly people, very fine, Brother and Sister Moore, of the Herald of His Coming. One of the finest papers on the field, Herald of His Coming. But they hardly will print anything unless it's about, "Fast, pray! Fast, pray! Sound a trumpet! Get..." How many reads it? You know. You see it all the time, "Fast, pray! Fast, pray!" It's all you hear. "Fast, pray! We're going to have a great breaking of the day! There is a great thing going to happen! All of you, pray, pray, pray! We're not too late yet!"


186     Now, I know Brother--Brother Moore and them, eat in his house and everything else (the editor); and he's a--finest man that walks in shoe leather, I guess, one of the finest fellows. But just... See, he knows that we've got to have that. And Sister Moore, one of the finest women, little--poor little fellow, and they sacrifice. And that's one of the best papers on the field in my opinion is "The Herald of His Coming." But you find out they keep blasting that "We need a prophet. We need a prophet." See? My. That's what they talk about.


34    And the Life Tabernacle, if anybody has ever been there with Brother Moore, he's a wonderful man. And there's a wonderful bunch of people, those old Southerners. You just can't hardly beat them. And so, the Life Tabernacle, anyone around Shreveport can tell you where it's at. Shreveport is about two hundred thousand people. And it's a nice city, and plenty of accommodations. So...


242     Tell me who's a finer man than Roy Weed of the Assemblies of God. Mention any of these men. Look here all these brothers I know around here: Brother... From the Philadelphian church here, and the Assemblies of God men, and... Who's any finer people? Tell me where... Tell me who's a finer man than Jack Moore? Tell me that. He's a, what they call... They belong to them... He's not a radical. You find radical on both sides, and that's where the people point, and that's where the devil points.


11       If I can ever be of any help to you, I'll be glad to do it. And I'm sure you'd say the same thing to me. And you can be a help to me. And that's one thing you can do, that I know, is pray for me, that God will never let me go wrong. I--I--I... It's not in my heart to go wrong. I--I want to go right. I want to do what's right. Because I realize, as Brother Jack Moore told me one time, he said, "Brother Branham, I wouldn't stand in your boots for all your experience at the day of the judgment, because God's going to require of you a great answer," said, "because He's give you millions of people in your hand."


E-16       In the Gospel writings tonight, in the Book of Saint Matthew the 12th chapter and the 42nd verse, we wish to take a text there for a little context, the Lord willing.

Just this morning I had to kindy, what I call, speak for Brother Moore. Brother Moore had to go back home, for he's bringing his wife and them down in the morning. And we're waiting for him to come. Brother Moore's a great soul for God, a great man of God. I've knowed him since I was just a--well, started in the ministry fourteen years ago in evangelistic service. He's been many places over the world. I found him (He isn't here tonight, so I can say this.) a real true blue Christian, a real man of God, Brother Moore: got a wonderful church up there at Shreveport. The Lord bless him.


1… So, we--we kind of feel like that maybe we can, with the help of the Lord, we could carry the meeting right on through ourself. That's the reason I was glad to see it go over a little bit, for that one reason. I believe the Lord will help us do it.

Now, you know, there's... I love my management. I have some lovely brethren: Bosworth, Baxter, Lindsay, Moore, all that's got five of them. Baron Von Blomberg. They're just very fine men, but there's just something about, when you get a group of men together, one has one thing, one has another. Sometimes that's contrary to what I think myself. So I--I--I feel like I'm just free now and we can just have a big time (Uh-huh.), just roll up our sleeves and just dive in and eat. I--I think about rolling up your sleeves, and having a big time..



E-67       Now, if Jesus is standing here with this suit on, that He had Brother Palmer (out there somewhere) and Sister Palmer to give it to me. Now, if He was standing here wearing this suit, and would say... And this woman would walk up, and say, "Lord Jesus, I need healing." You know what He'd say to her? "I did that when I died for you at Calvary." See? But then, how would she know that was Jesus? 'Cause He had nail prints in His hand? No, anybody could have nail prints in their hand. No, no, there's many--been many fake that. But the real Jesus would have a...


184       There's perhaps another little fellow setting here that the--Brother Palmer's church sent up: all confused, and knowing not what to do; he got tore up about something. A nice little fellow; I suppose he went home. But there was... He sent him up here. Brother Palmer wrote me a letter, and said, "Brother Branham, I know it's a strenuous time," or something like that, "but when you can get a chance, see him, because he's a good brother." And--and the church had sent him up. He was on the interview. While setting there, this great deep something in his mind, before he had a chance to say anything the Holy Spirit reached down and got it, brought it out, showed him. And he rejoiced, and the tears run down his cheeks. Why? God bearing witness. By what? By William Branham? No, sir. By the Holy Ghost. Amen. That's God's Witness.


19      God bless each one of you. I want to say again for the nice Christmas presents that each one give me. The church give me a new suit, oh, how I appreciate it. And I got two new suits for Christmas. My brother, the little church down in Macon, Georgia, down there, Brother Palmer, sent me a new suit. And the Tabernacle give me a new suit, and there's so many nice things give in, and--and Christmas gifts in the line of money. Which, the division of income tax tells me that if it's a Christmas present and wrote "Christmas present" or a "Birthday present," anything, you can accept it; otherwise that I have to... It--it goes into the work, which is all right. And I sure thank each and every one of you, wife and I, and the children, and all of us express our gratitude to each, every one of you, so nice. We wish we could go back and give each one of you a present back, but you just can't do that, you know, you just... My, I--I couldn't do that. I wish I could, but I--I just couldn't. I'm sure you understand. I know that's the feeling of my precious brother setting here too. We just feel the people love us like that; we appreciate them.


7    And there will be some fine speakers here tomorrow night, sure enough. There is some fine... Brother from Georgia is up here, Brother Palmer, a wonderful speaker. Brother Junior Jackson will be here tomorrow night; Brother Beeler, Brother Neville. Oh, my, my! And just on and on, fine men of God who will be here, Brother Wilbur Collins, and all them brethren that's been giving us such great messages. And maybe others will be dropping in, so we'll expect a great time tomorrow night.


18    And we want to appreciate Don Ruddell, and--and our brother, and Brother Jackson. And--and these brethren are our brother, sister churches that's associated. Brother Jack Palmer over here, who keeps the--the group down in Georgia. And we--we--we want to appreciate these man with all of our heart. For, times when we have services, when I come in, and they--they come to visit us, and we appreciate it.


165       And the next morning, before I left, I was going to get Billy and Loyce. They are both sitting present. And always...

166    We got an old stool there that Brother Palmer covered for us, here not long ago, and we always get around that stool and pray, whenever we're... Oh, Ottoman, like, you know, footstool. Whenever we get around there and pray, when I'm going on a meeting, we ask God to help us.


174    And if you remember, boys, the night before we left. Poor little old brother down there, hadn't got a deer. What's his name? Palmer, come around, and put a ten-dollars tithes in my hand. He said, "Brother Branham, this is my tithes, put it in the church." He said, "Will you get me a deer?" Oh! I...


144    So glad tonight to see Brother Palmer, one of our associate pastors over here, from Georgia. Brother Junior Jackson is in the building somewhere, back in the corner, we're glad to have him. Brother Don Ruddell setting over here. Oh, so many! I don't know, if I miss anybody... Brother Ben Bryant here, and many of the others here, fine brother, Wilbur Collins. We're so glad to have all of you here.


54       Brother Jack Palmer, on his road up, I think they were speeding a little, with the new car of his boy, kind of, you know, kind of getting a little out of the speed limits, and had an accident. He hurt his jaw, and he wasn't able to come, he went back home. So he's doing all right. And Brother Ben, here, another one of our brethren up in Kentucky here, he called him this morning to see if they needed any money or anything that the church could help them with, he said everything was fine. And he was turning a bend with too much speed, and hit some gravel, and it mashed his jaw or something. And they called from down there, when he turned his car into a post or something, and--and called for to be prayed for.


3       Brother Palmer was a great servant of Christ. I can remember Brother Jack telling me about his--his dedicated life to God. They were carpenters, together. And said he would be eating his--his lunch, have his sandwich in his hand, eating a sandwich and reading his Bible. See? He done some mighty great things, Brother Palmer did. He's a good carpenter, a good father to his children, a lovely family. He raised them all to serve the Lord. As far as I know, they're all saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. And that's a great contribution to any man in these days, boys and girls. But, see, all that he ever done won't amount to too much until serving God, lest he served God. And tonight, what he had done here on earth, his good deeds, he's gone to his reward, to be with them. God rest the soul of our brother.


12       And Brother Ernie, I asked him yesterday if he'd sing that Amen. I've got it on a record, and I've wore the thing out just listening over it, Amen. I think he's got a voice for that; beats any of them. And little Judy, I noticed her; the two, they look just like brother and sister. Don't they? They're husband and wife. Look at the each of them, see why they just look exactly. See? They're really a lovely little couple. That's, you know, that's... Brother Palmer that's just climbed the golden stairs, that's his daughter and son-in-law. And that's... She is certainly a contribution to his well training of a child. And got others too, married ministers also, and these are the evangelists and on their field, and others. So it's just great.

13       I haven't seen Sister Palmer. Really, I don't know whether I'd know her if I seen her, or not. She's, perhaps, somewhere (of course) in the meeting. Back in the back; God bless you, Sister Palmer.

14    My heart shakes every time I think of it. Brother Palmer had just climbed the steps till, a few minutes, until I got the message that he was gone. I just couldn't believe it. Billy called me, and somebody had got a hold... and they knowed. We were such lovely friends, and to know that he was gone, it was really shaking. But we all got to go, regardless of who we are, we must go one by one. But there's only one thing, "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the full duty of man," Ecclesiastes 12.


245       Sister Palmer, our sister, Sister Palmer; her husband is a very dear friend of mine, a minister from Georgia or Alabama, Georgia--Georgia. And she was coming up to the tabernacle... They drive, when I'm preaching up at tabernacle, fifteen hundred miles to hear one service. Brother Palmer lost control of his car, or the boy, one, when they was turning a corner, and they had a wreck. She's got an effect of it. Let's pray:



76 And now we find, always, that when these natural and spiritual, spirits of churches and organizations, meet, there is always a clash. It's never failed to be so. It always clashes. Because, we find that in there is a jealousy. And there... In this jealousy, it causes carnal comparisons, impersonations. And we find it in today, as it was then. When God does something for an individual, everybody tries to copy just like God did for that person. See, it causes a competition, and it makes carnality. And then if they cannot, the other side, get the spiritual results, then they take it by a political power, or they substitute something, to upset the people's minds, to draw disciples after themselves.

77    That's exactly what took place at the very beginning; as Cain and Abel, both boys here on earth. And when Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, and God vindicated Abel, by coming down and receiving his sacrifice; it caused jealousy with Cain, because he was jealous of his brother, and slew his brother.

90  Notice, and it's always caused the natural to hate the spiritual. It caused Cain to hate Abel. It caused Korah to hate Moses. It caused Judas to hate Jesus. And on and on it goes. It causes the natural to hate the spiritual, just as Cain at the beginning hated Abel, the one that God received the sacrifice from, and tries to destroy them.

Even they try to destroy the influence. They try to destroy everything, because it's nothing but jealousy. It started in Cain and proved that it was jealousy, and it's still the same thing today when the natural (the carnal) and the spiritual meet together. It proves it's Satan, no other way, because jealousy comes from Satan. And then causes an impersonation of the Truth, somebody to try to impersonate something that isn't, they are not ordained to do. How much of that have we seen in these last days! Oh, my, how much of it!


284    Like the man was, when he still had hatred, malice and strife in him; when the Fire baptism come, it cleaned it off. No more jealousy, no more of nothing; it's just absolutely is a dwelling place for God. And, remember, that's His delegation that's going to meet Him over yonder. Amen! Oh, what a...


100 That's exactly the truth. But, brother, when you pass between here and yonder, it ain't that way there. Oh, my. It's so, oh, there's... It's impossible. It's all love. Everything is real brother and everything's real sister. There's no death, no sorrow, no jealousy, no nothing, nothing can enter there. It's just perfection. That's what I'm striving for. That's what I'm placing for.


174 Could you call God a murderer? And Adam was the son of God. The Bible said that Adam was the son of God, that pure beginning back there. Adam was God's son, and that jealousy and envy and everything could not come out of that pure stream. It had to come through another place.


254 Your old nature died, the nature of the world, and you become a new creation. And your desires, that old life that had a beginning when God breathed the breath into your nostrils, when you were born, that life of carnal nature died. And it had a beginning and it had an end, and it died and was done away with forever, the old nature. And God came in with the new Nature. Then, love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, peace, patience, and meekness, and kindness, that entered; and taken the place of malice, and temper, and hatred, and--and emulation, strife, and all those things. It took its place, when you passed from death unto Life. You get it, real close, now?

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