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Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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2 I will try to be briefly tonight, because I know many has come from different sections of the country, to... for the service; or stayed over, some of you, and have to go back, for maybe a ways to get back. And I thank you. This morning I wanted to hear Brother Neville, myself. And I heard him many times, and never heard him any time but what I appreciated him. But this morning, that timely message, I know I had the leading of the Lord to listen to that this morning. Very fine! And I see why you people like to come and listen to him, also. And he'll always do you good, I'm sure, to listen to him.


18   I don't get a chance to say this when the place is all packed, and crowded, and everything, but I'm very grateful to God for a pastor like Brother Orman Neville. Faithful, just as faithful as he can be, to the Cause, and never hear him grumbling. I sit back there... I had a good half-hour's talk with him while I was enjoying Brother Mann, and so I'll tell him more about that when we get in Colorado this year. So when we was enjoying his message, and I got a good talk with Brother Neville. I said, "I don't even get to tell the people nothing about our fine pastor." I said, "Are the people treating you right?"

Said, "It couldn't be any better."

And I said, "Well, that's what I'm glad to hear."


7    Now, I was asked a little something here, on a little note was given me, to... They had a trustee meeting the other night here, on the board of trustees and deacons, and I think the minutes were read this morning before the church. Which, that's custom for us to do that. In the decisions that was made by the board of trustees and deacons here in the church, of course, it can't please everyone. We cannot do that. I have not one thing to do with the trustee board or the deacon board. I have not even a vote unless there's a tie, and I have to be here to do it then, Brother Orman Neville takes that second vote. Then we have to sign these, because we're part of the church. But what the trustee board and them boards' decision they make, we certainly stand behind them one hundred percent, 'cause that's what they're here for. And their decisions is between them and God. I cannot, cannot and would not, by any means, contrary that decision. And another thing, I am forbidden by the United States Government to make any decision concerning that, so please don't ask me to correct their decisions. I cannot do it, and I will not hear nothing about it. See? So don't ask me to correct their decisions. You see the board, that's the one that made the decisions. All right.


64     I realize I'm talking to ninety-nine percent Pentecostals. But man many times, a man, God can deal with them, give them a gift, and the people will squeeze in on those people. If they're not perfectly called and sent of God, he'll cause that man or woman to say something that isn't His will, because the people constrains them to do it.

65    How I had to catch our own little pastor here on it. Out here in the woods one morning, about three o'clock in the morning, said, "Go tell Brother Neville!" I come to you, didn't I, Brother Neville?

66    Everybody, "Brother Neville, prophesy over me. Tell me this or that." See, you would have him saying things then that wouldn't come to pass.

"They that wait," to find out what the Lord wants to do.


20   I have--I have heard the reports ever since I been in Tucson, and such wonderful reports, of Brother Capps here in his assistance to our gracious Brother Neville, who is holding the candle of Light just as gallantly as these two man can hold. We have laid hands on Brother Neville, but not upon Brother Capps. And I want those who are ministers, Brother Jackson and them, if they're here, and Brother Ruddell and the elders of the church here, if they'll come up here just for a few minutes now, and laying hands on Brother Capps. And the...

199  Remember now, pray for me when the hot persecution winds are blowing, when devils on every side is challenging, I'll remember you're praying for me night or day, and I'll be praying for you.

Stand by your good pastor, Brother Neville, and the associate, Brother Capps. Listen to them. They'll teach you the Word of Life. I believe that. If I didn't believe it, I certainly wouldn't have them here. I certainly would not. I believe that they believe the Message, and they stay with it to the best of their knowledge, and I've got faith in both men. Stay with them. These other brothers, around where they got their meeting, that stood here tonight, if you're around their neighborhood, stand by them. You heard what they come here for, tonight.


56    Then, the following night up here, Brother Neville preached on the subject of "escaping," how the--the man escaped. And I thought it was kind of remarkable.

And this morning the Holy Spirit seems to have me to deal upon the subject of the light, the very next. Go right on, in the beginning, how Christ's life started at the manger, we're walking right back through it again in our text. And he didn't know it; I didn't know it; and here it is right at the same thing. See, right on, the next thing is where He enters His ministry. And tonight we got something that'll blend right with that, to go right on, tonight, the Lord willing.


5    Now, when we dedicated the church, I told you, "A little later I had something to talk to you about," how to set this thing in order, the way it should be run. And you started off... after leaving here, we had ministers and so forth. But now, Brother Neville being just young among us, come among us, I thought it'd be better for Brother Neville to get better established in the Faith before I presented such things as I'm about to do now. But now, after I find out that he is getting well established in the Faith, and understands what the Doctrine is, and has played the part of a faithful witness to Christ and holding for what we believe to be the Truth, I think it's the hour now, would be a good time, to approach him in the... and among you elders and things here of the church, that you would take these orders and remember them, they're the best of my knowledge before God. And then I'm looking to you to carry these things out the way that I'm saying them, because somebody has to be a head around here. You have to have...

21    Now, I've watched the church here, and I've seen you grow up, and I've seen many spiritual gifts operating among you. Frankly, one I had to come to Brother Neville about with a Word from the Lord, to correct him on something that he was doing.

22    And if I... if the Lord has... The Holy Ghost has made me an overseer of the Flock, then it's my duty to tell you the Truth. And I'm very grateful to Brother Neville, he heeded to the Truth. I can only say It as He tells me.


I pray that You'll help our dear pastor, Brother Neville. Make him, Lord, full of grace and full of power and with understanding that he might take this stored food and feed the lambs of God.


25      Precious Brother Neville, I tell you what. They just--they just made one, I think, then lost the pattern. It's a... He certainly has been a--a real chum and friend to me; I'll tell you.

27      Sunday school rooms, fine teacher and Brother Neville here for the adult class, and a real pastor. I don't say that to put a bouquet to him, but I'd rather give him a little rose now than a whole wreath after he's gone. And Brother--Brother Neville, I've knowed him since I was just a boy, and now, he hasn't changed one bit. He's still Orman Neville, just like he always was.

28    I remember visiting... Even he had grace enough to ask me to his pulpit when he was a Methodist preacher down here in the city. And we had a nice congregation down there in Clarksville. Or, I guess that's called Howard Park... Harrison Avenue Methodist Church. I think that's where he must've found you down there, Sister Neville. Down there, because she was from there.

I come back up, and I said to the church here; I said "That was--that's one of the nicest men, and one of these days I'm going to baptize him in the Name of the Lord Jesus."  And it happened. Here he is, and now he's my chum, right along my side, and such an honorable, respectable man. He's always stood by me just like--just as close as he could stand. Whatever I say, he just lays right with me and hangs right along. Even when he first come in, he didn't understand the message then, but he believed it, and he stayed right with it. That's a honor; that's respect to a brother like that. I can't say enough for him, and now the Lord bless him.


49     Brother Neville, our noble brother and real pastor, servant of the living God, as far as that man knows the message, he holds with it with all he's got. That's right. He's a gentle person; he's a little a--afraid to--or not afraid, I don't mean that, but he's so--so awful gentle; he just will--doesn't speak out. You know, like to--to say a thing that's sharp and cutting or "set down," or "keep still." I--I've noticed that and listened to the tapes behind it.


5    Now, I--I want to encourage Brother Neville just a little, talking to him privately. I noticed last night, discernment struck me, two or three times, while I was in the pulpit. And I turned around, 'cause I'm trying to keep as far away from it as I can, until I find out what the dream meant to me here not long ago, a few weeks ago. It stuck with me for a long time. I told it here in the church, about something about the Message and--and discernment, and so forth. It just didn't, just wasn't coming out right. To my opinion, that time is over, and I may be wrong on that, but I noticed that--that Brother Neville was kind of weary and upset.

6   And yet I just wanted you to know, Brother Neville, that you're only anticipating in this fellowship in that. Have you just noticed what Satan has tried to do in the last few days to what ministers that's associated in this fellowship? Just stop for a few minutes, and wonder. Here sets Brother Crase, setting here, tonight, almost killed up there on the road. See? And I almost had my head blowed off with a shotgun, or with a rifle. See? Satan trying to take us. And there you crashed right in, and could have killed yourself and some woman also. See? Just the ministers, look at just the--the ministering group. See? It's Satan, and he's trying to get rid of us.

80    I'd suggest, Brother Neville be the pastor of the church, as long as the church suggests him being pastor. That's the vote of the church. As long as he holds that post of duty and stays with the Faith, wants to come, feels the leading of the Lord, then the leading of the Lord for him to stay, if the congregation votes the same.


52      I had a word of the Lord to take to Brother Neville, about prophesying over everyone comes by this altar here. God told him, really called him down about it. See? Don't do that; you'll shove him out in the flesh and then you'll have a false prophet. See? See, let him do just as the Spirit leads him to do. See?


36 – 38         I want to say another thing that right by when mother was going, strange, unpredictable, we didn't know she was going at that time. But Brother Neville stepped in. My wife said, if ever one time that I was happy to see Brother Neville, it was that time. Said... I don't know why, but just something, just how God works those things. Brother Higginbotham was there too, the one that just gave the message just a few moments ago, he walked--he was standing at the hall door. And Brother Neville came in. And I got the children around the bed, and I said, "Now, let's all get around, and have--let Brother Neville..."

Mama always loved to hear Brother Neville pray. She just liked to hear him, said, "He talked just like, sincere, he was talking to God."

That was the last she heard on her ears, Brother Neville was standing, praying. I was holding my hands on her head, and one on her hand, and while he was praying. And while he was in prayer, God called her. And I felt that little odd jerk, and I looked around. She had turned her head and looked at me, and I knew she was going. So I said, "Almighty God, I commit her soul to You now." And she... Like a wind came through the room, and she was gone to meet God. So some glorious day on the other side, I will see her, young woman.


226   O God, what love that Paul had, he said he would become accursed, that his people might be saved. O Father, God, give us love for one another like that. Give us that undying love, that decency, that respect for one another, to be Christian enough to look over each other's mistakes, to look over... Because a man has been blessed of God; and he might make a mistake. O Father, let us not look at that mistake, knowing that that's a precious brother that maybe Satan did trap him into something. But if he did, we pray, Lord, that You'll help he or she out of that place, that we'll have love in our hearts to go after the lost sheep and bring them back to the fold. Grant it, Lord. Forgive us of our trespasses, as we forgive those that trespass against us. Grant it, Lord. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.  [Brother Neville gives a message of prophecy--Ed.]


241     I'll turn the service to Brother Neville, my blessed associate pastor...?...


14  Now, it was asked also, if there will be any more... "Brother Branham, will you have any more healing services in the Tabernacle with discernments?" No. No, the discernments will be given by--by our other board. We have Brother Neville here now who has a gift of prophecy, that prophesies over the sick and makes known to them the things that they have need of knowing. And we have a brother by the name of Higgi--Higginbotham, one of the--one of the trustees, served faithfully on the board. I don't see him this morning, but he usually has the gift of speaking in tongues, and a little lady named Arganbright, a lovely little sister who has a gift of interpretation of tongues.


15   And God never sent Brother Neville and I to be bosses, not at all. We're just your brothers, you see, instructors in the Gospel. So let's all work together.


9  And to see our pastor here, Brother Neville, he was a bashful, backward sort of a boy. And I tell you, he was... he looked like he was never going to take a hold of it when it come to Pentecost. But to see him stand up and interpret tongues and prophesy, I tell you, he's come a long way. Right. Let us pray for our pastor.


9    Brother Neville will be continually announcing it on his broadcast, and different ones, I guess, the brother here and the ones that has the broadcast. And then come in early as you can Sunday morning, 'cause we're looking for a goodly crowd here to be prayed for, and we want to come in. We'll... well, let's see, I... If there's a big crowd like this, it's always best to have prayer cards because they're so jammed together, you just... one pushing around the other one and things like that. I think if you just have it orderly so they just come one by one it makes... keeps the confusion down amongst the people, you know.


10      And in this, our pastor here, I haven't got a chance to say very much about him, but I want you all, try to meet our pastor. He's certainly a--a real brother in Christ. We're happy to have a brother that... brought up in a Methodist background with holiness. And we all know Orman Neville, everybody around here does. There's nobody puts a finger on his life. I'd... He don't like for me to say that, but yet I'd rather give him a little bitty rosebud now, than a whole wreath after he's gone. See? And now is the time.


1   It might look kind of funny this morning to wear my overcoat on the platform, but I was so happy to--to display that pretty overcoat that this church give me. I seen Brother Neville up here the other day with that nice suit on, how it fit him so nicely, and I thought, "Well, I..." It looked so nice, and the congregation talking about it, I thought, "I'll just wear my overcoat out on the platform." I did...


3     You know, Brother Neville is a little different from lots of ministers. They just... When a minister, when he gives up his pulpit, that's just a whole lot to him. You just don't realize what it is. But Brother Neville has always been so loving and considerate to always to give up his pulpit when I come in. And say, "Brother Bill..." And not only ask you if you want to, kind of persuade you to come, you know. And it just makes you feel double welcome. And I'm so happy for that. See? You just can't turn anyone down like that. They're just so kind and nice in that way.


257    You got a word you want to say, Brother Neville, anything with the broadcast for next Saturday? I think is all... [Brother Neville says, "Yes."--Ed.] For the next Saturday's broadcast. How many hears Brother Neville on the broadcast? He's got, I believe, a half hour now. Is that right? [Brother Neville speaks to Brother Branham.] Yes, go right ahead. [Brother Neville says, "Any contributions for the broadcast tonight, somebody just hand that to me after the service. We will appreciate it. We haven't quite enough money for the broadcast for Saturday, but it'll be here when the time comes, so we thank the Lord for that. May God bless you now."]

258     Brother Neville, stand right there at the door where people go out, and where, if they got something for that, if you will, brother. [Brother Neville says, "Amen."--Ed.] That's fine, so if you be sure now that you get it. Now, it's for his broadcast. He's trying to keep on the air. He meets people out in there, and people who wouldn't come to this tabernacle.



44    And we find, on this little camp up on the mountain, Transfiguration, when they were commissioned to hear, the only thing they was commissioned to do was to hear the Word. Only thing they seen, was not a creed. They never seen nothing else but Jesus, and He is the Word made flesh.

How beautiful that is, to the same camp that was in the garden of Eden. When God fortified His Church in the garden of Eden, His people, they had one wall to stay behind; that was the Word. They had one shield, one armor, one thing, because God knowed what would defeat the devil, and that's the Word.


57    Now, we find out, if a man doesn't do that, if the military heads of the nation doesn't sit down, first, and figure and see that they are right, and their motives and objectives right, and if they have enough strength and power to overcome the next army, then they're sure to lose.


70 And what would it do us any good if we gained the whole world? We're going to lose it, anyhow. We--we can't win like that. There's only one winning, that's through Christ. Take Christ, then you're bound to win. You've got to leave here; you may leave before this service is over, you may leave before the sun sets tonight, you may ri-... go before it rises in the morning, before next Sunday you may be gone, all of us. We don't know when we're going, but you know you got to go. So isn't it a foolish thing to put it off? You're--you're tramping, you're--you're flirting with death.


29-30 And then we went back and got the--the kinsman redeemer and picked him up to see what his work was. And now, for all these years, Christ has been doing the Kinsman Redeemer work. Now, all that understands that, say, "Amen." He has been doing the work of the Kinsman Redeemer, but there will come a time that when the redeeming work will be over, and when the redeeming work is over, then He leaves the throne of God, where He's seated now, but that's not His throne. "He that overcometh shall set with Me in My throne as I have overcome and have set down on My Father's throne." That is not His throne. That belongs to Spirit, God. Christ, the Lamb, it doesn't belong to Him. He is the incarnate God (See?), which is the same God made incarnate.


36  Now, Canaan does not represent the age of the Millennium. It only represents the age of the overcomer, the dispensation of overcoming, because in Canaan they killed and burned and took cities. And there'll be no death in the Millennium.

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