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The Holy Ghost

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Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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52 And you know the Bible said, "There'd be a beast." And we know that's the Roman papacy. That's exactly right. And then they would form an image to that beast. What is an image? Something made like it. And that's the confederation of churches, and Pentecost is in it. It'll come a time where you'll either belong to an organization or you can't keep your door open. Now you see if that isn't true! That's the reason we pound it to death. Yes, sir. Your unable... Lower than that, they'll try to stick you so bad, till they try to... won't let you buy or sell unless you've got that organization mark on you. It brings it right in.


185 When pagan Roman become papal Rome, it never ceased. The system of Romanism ceased; when a new king come in, he just set up a new order. But when it come into pagan Roman through the Catholic church, through papalism, it never ceases. If one pope dies, they set up another one; one pope dies, they set up another one. "The beast which was, which is not, yet is; which is not, which yet is; which... and shall go into perdition." THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, through the Scripture.


45    And what did Rome do? Was converted from pagan Rome unto papal Rome, and organized a system, a universal system, that forced everybody to that one religion or be put to death.


213         Here comes the pope, the head, to the woman; the false antichrist to the false bride, of science. Which, our world, our American eastern world here, or Western World, has led the world, in science. Comes to her, in his scientific church, and now all Protestants is bowing to him, see, on thirteen. You see it? Everything is in a thirteen. Our whole nation, everything else, is thirteen, a woman's world. See, here we are, we got it. It turned into a woman's world in the garden of Eden, but it'll be God's world someday. Notice now.

Now, also, these prophets and things has foretold it.

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E-33   A shepherd has to stray to find the straying. And a good pastor is a shepherd. Frankly, the--the word "pastor" means "shepherd." And sometimes in the church a--a little cult, or a little click will rise up in the church. One side will get one way, and one side the other way. A real good shepherd will go with that cul--click, what to do? To bring them back. A real true shepherd, what's he doing? He will stray himself. What to do? To bring back the lost. What's he doing? He's reflecting the image of the good Shepherd, trying to win that soul back. If they got off in some place, brother, like they was going to tear the world up overnight, that pastor will go right along in order to get them right, win them right back this way again. That's a good shepherd. He's reflecting the image of Jesus.


E-59 The pastor then must call this individual down, and ask them to be reverent and to keep their place. The pastor must be a man that has got a very humble way about him, but not too humble but what he could be like the Lord Jesus Christ when He seen wrong going on in the church, He platted ropes and ran them out of the church. And now the Church of God is the highest of judgment, and the pastor is the highest order in the Church. The elder is the highest thing in the apostolic Church, outside of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit brings His Message straight to the elder, and the elder gives It to the people.


19    When a pastor is satisfied, and the people is satisfied, it makes a real good church, and then God is satisfied. And I think, to see them satisfied together, especially in this day of the Message that we're carrying, I think that shows the continuity of the Message with the people and with God. See?


54 Sometime, I wonder if we just don't get one another's spirit in the stead of the Holy Spirit. You get to a place where a pastor is real radical and carrying on, you'll find out the congregation is the same way. I'll bring you to a church where I see the pastor stand, jerk their heads back and forth. You watch the congregation, they do the same thing. You take a pastor, just gulp down anything, usually the church will do the same thing. So, if I was choosing a church, I'd choose a genuine, fundamental, Full Gospel, Bible church, I was choosing one to put my family in.


133    Now, remember, the deacon is a policeman, and a deacon's office is actually more strict than most any office in the church. I don't know of an office any more strict than the deacon's office. That's right, because he's got a--he's got a real job, and he's God's man. He's God's man just as much as the pastor is God's man. Certainly, he is. He is God's servant.


56  I want this congregation and all to know. I don't come down here just to be seen. I come down here, not because we need a minister. Because I think our pastor is one of the best there is in the lands. That's exactly right. It's not that.


54   If you see him real flighty and going on, you--and he says, "The Lord called me for such and such a--to be a pastor." Now, a pastor can't be a flighty person. A pastor's solid, sound. See?


228  Remember, you can only be saved by your personal faith. You can only be healed by your personal faith. You believe this to be the Bible? God's Word. You believe your pastor to be a man of God, whatever church you go to? If you don't, you should leave it. Get to a man that is a man of God. Then if you believe him, believe he's telling you the truth, then accept it. Your own personal faith in Christ saves you. No matter how good your pastor is, how godly, saintly your mother is, how--how real the Word of God is, how much you cry, how much you pray; it's your faith that saves you. By faith are you saved.


28  And then I have here also some--something for the bulletin board this morning, about the meeting of the board and their authority. And it'll be on the bulletin board, and I got a copy for Brother Roberson who is the chairman of the de--of the trustees. And then I got a copy for Brother Collins, I think, who acts as the chairman of the deacon board. And now, all these offices are set according to the Scripture, and they must have the Scriptural rules of what they must do. Therefore, the trustees has an office of their own. And the deacons has an office of their own. The Sunday school superintendent has an office of his own. And the pastor is the head of the flock.

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17    And the true believers in this Word, who accept It that way, believe It, and with patience wait for Its prophesied promises, every one of them to be manifested in its age. Every believer has watched for it. Every believer that's been on the toes, watching, is the one that's been revealed to.


39    And I wonder if it could be possible that we could make that same mistake? They had been given their last chance to see what He was, and to accept It. Now, you won't always have the opportunity to accept what God sends. See, His patience finally runs out, and then you cross that line between grace and judgment. There is nothing left but judgment when God's patience finally runs out.


148    Many men go out, impatient; but believing that the time is near, you try to do something within yourself. Wait upon the Lord. Patience is virtue. If you can have patience, it's virtue. It's virtue if you... "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength." Not they that try to get ahead of the Lord, they that try to tell the Lord, "Lord, I know You want me to do this, and glory to God I..." Don't do that. Wait upon the Lord. The Bible said, "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength."


240 See the loving, long-suffering of God. Before He passed judgment upon her, He gave her a place to repent. And it's in the Name of the Lord I say this: He's give the Protestant church the same thing, and she won't do it. These messages shook everywhere, and she won't do it. She's going to have her own dogmas and creeds; I don't care how much you explain it.


233   Patience with what? What kind of patience? First thing, is have patience with God. If you've got real, genuine faith, you'll have real genuine patience, because faith worketh patience. When God says anything, you believe it. That's all. You got patience.

234    Say, "Well, I asked Him last night to heal me, and I'm just as sick this morning." Oh, my! What patience?

235    God told Abraham, and twenty-five years later there wasn't even one sign. He was still believing. He was patient with God. Uh-huh.

236    Put Him always before you. Let Him be the next crossing thing. You can't cross Him, so just keep Him before you. "He said so, and it's going to happen." See? Keep Him before you. That's right.