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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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58      And when we are separated from the rest of the world, then we become the church. But as long as we are entangled with the rest of the world, then we are not in the church. Now, I trust that that goes real deep, catches its place. See, we are not the church until we are separated from the world. Separate ourselves, come out from among the peoples unclean, deal not with them, and be not partakers of their sins. Yoke not up with the unbelievers, but separate yourself from the things of the world.

And when Israel was in Egypt, they were the people of God. Then when they was called out, or had the exodus, coming out, then they were called the church, because it was then they separated themselves from the rest of the world.


E-38  Now, you can shout a little bit at church, and you go out on the street, and somebody say, "You know you're a holy roller?" Oh, it chafes, real bad.

Somebody said, "Well, look. Why, I seen you down the other night shouting till your hair fell down."

"Well, John, I suppose if that's the way you're going to do it, we might as well get away from that group." It's chafing. See? But when the Mainspring is in there, it lines it with love. And the yoke is easy, and you can bear anything.

They call you a holy-roller, call you a fanatic, anything they want to, the yoke is so easy till you can lay it up on your shoulders. When you're yoked up with the Mainspring, and it's not you any more; it's Him that's a ticking it off. It's so easy, just like Samson with the brazen gates of Gaza. He just packed them away.

And when somebody calls you a holy-roller, or makes fun of you, you just pack the old burden right up to a certain mountain called Calvary and pray for them.


118 But it controls; it makes you believe; it makes you act in such a way till you become salty. And the whole world thirsts to be like you. That's the Holy Spirit setting in the middle of your Spirit. It's the Mainspring. It's then that the yoke that you're yoked with...

134 There's one of the springs in the middle of the new spirit, in the new heart is making every emotion, controlling them. See what I mean? There you are.

135 It's then, that when you slip your head from the yoke of the Word, say, "I'll go over and join, but I tell you..." and stick your head in the yoke with Christ, you say you yoked up with Him? Then you begin, "Oh, it chafes my shoulders; it hurts my social prestige. The people I once associated with pass me by and say, 'Ha, there she is. She's a holy-roller. There he goes, he--he... John don't come to the pool room any more.'" "Oh, it just, oh, it humiliates me, Brother Branham." No, you didn't get the right thing.

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