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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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Message Glossary

This glossaire is intended to serve as a "quick reference guide" for believers and ministers in the study of the End-Time Message preached by the Prophet William Marrion Branham.


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377   God's first Bible was in the skies, the Zodiac; it starts off and runs every age. The first, beginning of the Zodiac, is a virgin; that's how He come, first. The last figure in the Zodiac is Leo the lion; the Second Coming. Just before there is a crossed fishes, which is the cancer age; that we're living in now.


66 And even in the Zodiac. I'm not going back to teach Zodiac, but I'm just showing you the heavens declare It. In the Zodiac we find out, in the constellations of the stars, that He declared the whole Bible in the constellation of the--of the Zodiac. We find out there that He starts off, the very--very first figure in the Zodiac is the Virgin, and the last figure in the Zodiac is Leo the Lion; showing that Jesus would come first to the earth by a Virgin, He'll come the second time as the Lion of the tribe of Juda. See? He goes through the crossed fishes just before that. Cancer Age, what we're living in now. "And all the heavens declare Him," the Bible said.


46 I said, "Somewhere in there, I had pointed out to me, one time in an observatory, the zodiac; beginning with the virgin, coming over through the cancer age, and on down until the last was the lion, Leo the lion. The first coming of Christ, by the virgin; the second coming, by the Lion of the tribe of Juda." And I said, "I've tried my best to see that zodiac, and I can't see it. But, yet, it's there. Those who are trained, know it's there. Job saw it. Men used to look at it. It was a Bible, at one day. But in that whole great mass of millions and billions of--of light years, God sits in the midst of all of it, and He looks down. Paul is in there. My mother is in there, somewhere, looking down."


128 Now, minister brethren, and brothers and sisters over the world, to my understanding the first Bible that was written, God wrote it in the sky, 'cause they must look up and see that there is a--a God in heaven, that God's above them. And if you notice in the zodiac... Now, don't any of you people go... You stay right with this Bible here. See? But the--the zodiac, it starts off the first in the zodiac, as I understand, is the virgin; the last in the zodiac number is Leo the Lion. That's the first coming of Christ through the virgin; the second coming is the Lion of the tribe of Juda. See? Then we got the cancer age, and also down through the zodiac.


318 Now, how many ever seen the zodiac? Many of you know what it is: the star. See? That was God's first Bible. Now, what does it start off at, the first number in the zodiac, the first figure? Is the virgin! Is that right? And what's the last one? Leo, the lion. The First Coming and the Second Coming of Christ, all through there. They get the crossed cancer... or the crossed age is just to where it's crossed fishes, which is the cancer age, and we live right through it.

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38    And any Greek scholar knows that that word, Eternal Life, comes from the word Z-o-e, Zoe, which means "God's Own Life." That's right. The only way that you ever can have Life, there is only one form of Eternal Life, and that's God's Own Life in you. See? Then you have Eternal Life, because He is the only Eternal there is. And we are the attributes of His thoughts, before there was even a foundation of the world or anything. All this is just His thinking, and we're the display of His thoughts of what it was.


56  Watch, that spirit will be just as pious and just as sanctimonious as it can be, until it comes to the Holy Ghost, and they'll cut it off right there; that's that spirit, can't you see it moving up, the antichrist? And Jesus said they'd be so close together in the last days it would deceive the very Elected if possible. But remember, it's just the elected that will see it. God calls by election. He'll... Aren't you happy that you're one of them? Aren't you people here tonight, knowing that something in your heart tugging, "I want that Holy Spirit. I want you, Lord, in my heart"? That's because God put your name on the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. He said that. "No man can come to Me," said Jesus, "except My Father has drawed him first. And all that comes to Me, I'll give them Eternal Life." What is Eternal Life? The Holy Spirit, Eternal Life. Take that word and run it in the Greek, and it said "Zoe"; Zoe is the Holy Spirit. "All that the Father's given Me will come to Me. And all that comes to Me, I'll give him the Holy Ghost, and I'll raise him up at the last day. I will do it," He said. Not no "if" and "ands" about it, "I will." All that comes... And I'll give Eternal Life. He will have to raise, 'cause he's got Eternal Life. He has to come. Can't die no more than God can die...