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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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§ 140-141 The believer don't question. The believer believes it, regardless of what it sounds like, or what anybody else has got to say about it, how impossible it seems to be. The believer believes it. Believes what? The Word, not the creed, the Word; not the denomination, the Word; not what somebody else says, what the Word says. Now, you remember, that is the believer. The believer doesn't question. The believer doesn't say, "How can it be?" "If I can get it explained..." That's the unbeliever. See? It's the believer that no matter what it is, if It's the Word, It's the Word. That's true. That's the believer.

§ 183-185 Character, there never was a Character like Jesus Christ. It lives in Him, manifests in. We see it true. It's not worldly beauty of Him that attracts His Bride; it is His character, the character of the church that Jesus looks for; not whether it's big buildings; whether it's great denominations; whether it's big membership. He promised to meet with wherever two or three are gathered together. Truly. That's where the true believer rests his hopes, is upon that Word of God being vindicated in truth, what it is. Choose by His Word. Not a worldly loving group, they hate that. No wonder she is divorced from Him, because she's missed His revelation, and she don't have it. He cares not for her, the way she acts and does, and how much of this worldly stuff she has; He's looking for her character, the character of Christ.

§ 35 Men are not infallible, but God is. Man, you get your mind on a man, he'll make a mistake. Maybe not wilfully, but he'll do it. God permits him to do it so that He can shake your faith away from man. Our faith is not in the wisdom of man, but in the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That's where the true seed of Abraham rests their promise, because they can only be the seed of Abraham when they receive the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit they're not the seed of Abraham. And that same faith that was in Abraham comes into the believer. No matter what takes place or how contrary, the believer marches right on.

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