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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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65-1204 THE.RAPTURE_ YUMA.AZ V-5 N-14 

52 Why, my, how education and wisdom of this world has turned the church into a bunch of ragweeds! The... Its education and the educational system, science and civilization, is of the Devil. It's the Devil's civilization. The Bible said so.

And our Civilization that's coming on will have nothing to do with this civilization, at all. It's nothing of it, at all. There'll be a different Civilization, into this civilization and this scientific world we got. More science, scientific we get, further we go into death things, traps to kill, and everything. In that new Civilization, there'll be no death, no sickness, sorrow, or no pain. See? There won't be none in There. So this civilization will have to be destroyed, because it's of the Devil.

65-0919 THIRST_ TUCSON.AZ V-16 N-6 

167 Did you know, education, I can prove it to you, is of the Devil? Not to read and write; but, I mean, putting their education in your church.


129 Knowledge and civilization, and true Christianity, has nothing in common. Civilization, and true Christianity, has not one thing in common.

Civilization is by knowledge. We all know that. And knowledge is from Eden, proved it, by what he preached in Eden. And knowledge causes death. Is that right? What caused death in the garden of Eden? Knowledge. But can't be of God, so it's of the devil. Whew, was that a good one! Knowledge, science, education, is the greatest hindrance that God ever had. It is of the devil.

Now I'll get some letters on that, I know. I'm waiting for them.


172    Man under the Devil's plan has tried to denominate the church into oneness. They have tried to denom-... educate the church into oneness, you know that, through education, through denomination. They're trying right now, the World Council of Churches, going on to try to bring all the Catholic and Protestants together and make them a one. What is it? A plan of the Devil!


65-1204 THE.RAPTURE_ YUMA.AZ V-5 N-14 

51    Here not long ago, when this first astronaut went up, he come back, and he hadn't seen nothing of God. That even turned ministers around. They thought God lived right up there somewhere, a hundred and fifty miles high.

52  Why, my, how education and wisdom of this world has turned the church into a bunch of ragweeds!




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