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The Holy Ghost

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33    And now then, we find out that we have come to another Ephesians, another Ephesus now. Where, that, in our intellectual denominations and so forth, and all of our educational programs has come to its--its Jordan, then we must have an--an Ephesians again. We must have an exodus, to "come out" and to "go into," for the Rapture.



133  Notice, but God is waiting till the iniquity of these modern Amorites is filled. Don't worry, He'll have His Moses ready at that time. There will be an exodus, someday, to the promised land. There will be a Moses come along, who will call out, "restore the Faith of the children back to the fathers." It'll come, one of these days. Did...

You say, "Well, look how we're progressing."

Sure, the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full. It'll come, one of these days. Let them destroy themselves.



97   Seeing the promise vindicated, he made the people ready for their exodus. When? When he saw the promise of God vindicated. Remember, he run with his theology; he run with his training. But when he saw the Word of God made manifest, he saw It vindicated, "I AM THAT I AM," then he didn't care what anybody said. He didn't fear what Pharaoh would do with him. He didn't fear what the rest of them would do. He only feared God, that he might misunderstand God, or some way that he might misunderstand God. He didn't fear the people and what they would say or what they would do. He only feared God, after he recognized that it was the Word of God.



121    And remember, Moses did this, and manifested this, not to all the world, but to the exodus people, just one class of people, that was those who come out of the exo-... in the exodus.

122    And today, the Holy Spirit, in the face of people who says, "Divine healing is not right." When I was consulting...



157  They spiritually die now. This is a spiritual veil. See? That was a natural veil. This is spiritual veil. See? They keep walking right on in behind there, you can tell them. "Oh, I know! I know that, but I..." See, go ahead, it's all right, it only speaks... You remember, the last plague in Egypt was death, before the exodus. The last plague on earth is spiritual death, before the exodus. Then they'll be cremated and turned back to the dust, and the righteous will walk out upon their ashes. But the last thing is spiritual death, rejecting the Word.



8 And, now, it's a type of today, shown, as we are also facing another exodus. God bringing Israel out of Egypt, to the promised land, was a type of Christ bringing the Bride out of the church, to the promised Land. We are in another exodus. Now if you'll study the Scripture, we just have time to hit the high spots of it, that's true. We are the... As God brought a nation out of a nation, God will bring the Bride out of a church. The Bride will be called from all the churches. It'll be the elected of God, will be brought out. And we're on the verge of that exodus right now, for we have every Scriptural proof that we're standing there. Now, I know that's been said a lot of times, but, my friend, one time it'll be said for the last time. Time will fade into Eternity then. He is coming to take a Bride out of a church.



151  Oh, let us check the promises of God for today. That's right. Remember, we're in another exodus, a time; an exodus, this time, not into a promised land of the earth, but into the promised Land of Glory, where there is no return no more. Glory to God, we're going to be there! [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]



59 – 60 And when Israel was in Egypt, they were the people of God. Then when they was called out, or had the exodus, coming out, then they were called the church, because it was then they separated themselves from the rest of the world.

And the very word "church" means "called out," exodus, "come out." Each one of us, as Christians, has had an exodus in our life. We had a time where we were called out from amongst our associates, called out from amongst the people that we once fellowshipped with, and become a different people, to walk with a different people that acted a different way and talked a different way. It was an exodus in our life.