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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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48    And then He put this man in flesh, and man fell. So then God came down and become in the image of man, that He might redeem that fallen man. That's the real Gospel story, to my--to my opinion.


75   Now, we find out that they were the guards to the mercy seat. They watched the mercy seat. Nothing come to it, it crossed over the tribes first before it could get to the mercy seat. Every man willing to give his life, every Israelite in camp would die before anything could enter into that camp over there and take that mercy seat. And now we find out that was the Old Testament order.

And in the New Testament order we find the same thing, that it was guarded, the mercy seat. Oh, I hope you get it! The mercy seat is still guarded, still got the guards. We found out that that those guards are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, guarding the Book of Acts, the acts of the Holy Spirit done amongst the apostles, which is the--the Book of Acts of the New of the New Testament. And the four writers of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, all guard that mercy seat to show that it is God, the Holy Spirit today. Each Scripture, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, every one of them will back up the true Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the acts of the Holy Spirit


90 And now, now, that's exactly what I said in the first part of this morning's message, let's keep it right there guarded by the Gospel. Do you see? See? Keep it right there where the Gospels will guard It.


119  Well, that's the way it is with the Holy Spirit. We don't have to be peculiar, be different, be anything more, just let loose and live a godly life and just let God live through you. That'll glow for the Gospel. See? Not glitter; glitter, that makes monkeys jump at things like that, anything that glitters. You know, they're always jumping for something "that's shiny." But glow is the "soft, mellow sweetness of the--of the Holy Spirit."


21-4 We need another old-time Gospel, Holy Ghost, God-born sent revival. That's exactly right. We don't need a new President. We've got one--a dandy. We don't new--need new mayors of the city. Whatever... That's not... Now, that's their business. But what we need as ministers is to preach the Gospel and bring the church back to Pentecost again, bring it back to--to eagle experience again. That's what the church needs. That's the... Oh, just... You don't want to be chickens. You're eagles. You have to take eagle food.


E-18 Every one of them went into the wilderness. Jesus said, "Not all that saith, Lord, Lord, will enter in; but the one that doeth the will of My Father, which is in heaven."

It isn't what you say. You could preach the Gospel and still be lost. Certainly.

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