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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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All counterfeit things are made off of real ones. There cannot be a bogus dollar until there's a real one. There cannot be a hypocrite unless there's a real Christian. There cannot be a false message unless there's a true one. There cannot be a night unless there's a day. Certainly.


34 When Moses went down into Egypt, to deliver the children of Israel, with only a stick in his hand for vindication, with the God of Heaven behind him, he performed a miracle. There come impersonators behind him, and doing the same thing he did. See? Now, they come second, after he did it first. Then they come around, because they were copying after what he did, impersonating the original. We find that.

And now you say, "Well, that was in the days of Moses."

But the same Scripture says that they'll come again in the last days. "A  Jambres and Jannes withstood Moses, so will these men of reprobate mind concerning Truth." See? Impersonations, all kinds of things to upset people.

102  Look at Mrs. Semple McPherson, Aimee Semple McPherson, that had this temple over here. Every lady preacher had them wings, and packed the Bible the same way, just--just carnal impersonations!

They can't be original. That's the way the churches can't be. You let one church get something another in the city, the other church can't stand it. They get it. See? They're not original any more.

God's Word is original. It's the Word, and It has to bring forth Its kind; Its kind in Its season, elected, predestinated by the Father, God.


165 "And there will come false, impersonations of It, in the last days, that'll almost deceive the Elected if possible." Look at their organizational shucks pulling away now.


169    I've been pretty rough this morning, see. They wait on the Lord, waiting; and when they do, and they see that promise of today, being vindicated, it renews their faith in His Word. Cause, He promised to do it, and here He is doing it. Then there's no doubt. God speaks. His Word, first, speaks. And then the Spirit that's a bringing It does the thing that the Word said It would do.

Oh, we have lots of impersonations. We'll still have a lot of them, man of sincere heart trying to do things this way and that way, but watch what happened. People will put their hands, and then--then die. See, notice.


24    Is it just a myth, is it just some words put together, is it some Jewish fables, or is it a Truth? Where there is so much error, there has got to be a Truth somewhere. Where there is a bogus dollar, I'll say there is a real one made off of it. And where there is so much impersonation, and so many things that we see today, there has got to be a genuine God somewhere.


79   Now, we've got a deep something coming here, and I hope it's not too deep. Now, over in I Samuel 28, I want to read some Scripture here right at this time. I want you to listen closely. And I want to bring demons, show you how they work right in the church, and how Satan has a counterfeit for every real there is. Now, you can see according to the Bible, that demons come among Christians and they impersonate.

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