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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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136    We, each one, come down to the end of the road, where we're going to give account for every word. Right now, we know that our voices... When we are born, our first little cry goes all on a tape. It's going to be played back again at the Day of Judgment. Even the clothes you wear will be showed in your face, at the Day of Judgment. Even science has found that, by television. See, television doesn't manufacture a picture, it only channels it. The color of clothes, every time you move, every thoughts in your mind, is absolutely kept on God's record. And that big thing will be laid right before you, every one of them filthy dresses you wore; every time you went to the barber shop, cut that hair that God give you. It's going to be. You'll answer for it. You can't make a move right there, just even the thoughts of your heart while you're doing it, will be played right before you. How you going to escape? "How shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?" See? We're not going to escape. Every move, and the thoughts of the heart, is recorded right in another dimension, even the color of clothes you wear. Television, colored television proves it right out, pulls it out and shows it, see, and that's just in one dimension from the three that we live in. See?


142  Now, he now wears her bangs, also. He combs them down, puts a curler in them. Some of the most sickly sights I've ever seen in my life, is some of those kids out here today with their bangs combed down like this, and colored, bleached hair, with some kind of a peroxide something, and bleach their hair, and rolling it in curlers, making bangs. You big sissy! That's a horrible thing to say from a pulpit, but judgment begins at the house of God. You don't even know whether you're a man or woman. And I understand that our United States Army is coming out next in shorts. That's right. See what the perversion is? It's a woman's clothes; wears her bangs.


28  Now, for a few fundamental thoughts on why we're here... The house of God is a house of correction. Law goes forth from the house of God.


94    Oh, brother, listen. What time are we living in? What's the age? What's the hour that we're in? It's not time for these things that they're talking about. That's passed. Judgment is on hand now. You can see it breaking. You remember the rock up on the mountain? Judgment hour! You remember the revelation, or the vision of the Bride? Just keep Her in step. Don't let Her get out of step.


181 Christians, pray now. Coming home... Come, my sinner brother; come, sister; purchased of His Blood, to whom Christ died for. Won't you come now? Let me persuade you, this great hour, when judgment is hanging over the doors of the nation, the doors of the world. Won't you come? I plead with you, in Christ's stead, come to Christ while you can. Let it be mercy, not judgment.

56  And all of a sudden, the cloud was upon him before they knew it. That's the way judgment strikes. It comes so sudden; you wonder how it can get there so quick. How I have seen cruel men, who once cursed God, fall and scream, and say, "How could You treat me this way?" The whole, every foundation was swept out from under him in a moment. It pays to take warning.


58    But just as I sure was standing there under that Inspiration, put judgment on that West Coast, and then followed it right up here with the sinking of Los Angeles, she is gone! That's right. It will happen. When? I don't know.

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