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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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158  God, rich in mercy, would not let His people go out in this denominational, "rich in goods and things of the world," Laodicean Church Age, but He would make a way of escape. Believe it, people. God bless you. Amen. God rich in mercy! The mercies of God, that's the only thing that I desire. Not His righteousness, not His law; but His mercy is what I call for. God be merciful to me. We all have that feeling.


33  God, and always in all times, has always give spiritual gifts to His people. That's how He is identified and known, by spiritual gifts. And when God sends a spiritual gift to His people, and that spiritual gift is rejected, then that--that people goes into the darkness of a chaos. Every time, through the ages, when God sends something to the people, a gift, and they turn it down, that people is rejected by God because it's rejected God's mercy.


364 My brother, sister, the goodness and mercies of God extended to the people... While Israel was blinded for this--for here just about two thousand years to give us a chance to repent... Have you turned that mercy down? Have you--have you rejected that..


91 Now, we find out in there, they were guarding God's mercy seat in the Old Testament; and there, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, all of them. And even the Lion of the tribe of Juda laid down His life to guard that mercy seat, let it be sprinkled with His Own Blood. And there He stands this morning, today, the great Conqueror which shall descend from the East someday and we shall see Him.

65 And then we find them over in the Coming of the Lord again, Cherubims guarding the mercy seat. The mercy seat which no one could approach unless there was an atonement there for that person, only way that the sanctuary... When it was sprinkled of the blood, then it became a mercy seat. But after the blood was taken off, then it became a judgment seat.

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