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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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52  Now that's what we are here for. That's my Message, has been all along, is the Word of God. We must hold to That regardless of what other things take place. Always stay with that Word. Always check out your motives and objectives, if it is according to the Word of God. If it isn't, leave it alone. See? But if it's with the Word of God, and lines up with the Word of God, then, that, you hold to that.


34    Same altars, same God, but one of them was wrong and the other one was right. And now the only way that you could tell which was... When it come, fundamentally, to the Word, both of them were right. But, you see, one, his motives was wrong, he was trying to cut off his brother from the line of promise that God had give him.


57    Now, we find out, if a man doesn't do that, if the military heads of the nation doesn't sit down, first, and figure and see that they are right, and their motives and objectives right, and if they have enough strength and power to overcome the next army, then they're sure to lose.


123 Now, I want to make this statement. I want to say that I believe that both sides are wrong as long as they argue one with the other, because their motives is wrong. And as long as your motives is wrong, no matter what your objective is; but your motive to that objective is wrong, then it'll never work. That's right.


109  What difference does it make if I'm eighty or if I'm twenty? I'm only here for one thing: to serve the Lord. That's all. If I can still preach the Gospel like I do now, when I'm eighty, what difference does it make whether I'm forty or eighty? There's a many man eighty years old tonight. And there's a lot of children will die, when an eighty-year old man will outlive a many one of them. What difference does it make? It's your motives, your principles, and we're here to serve the Lord Jesus. That's all.


27  Remember, it's the motive that you have towards anything that determines what you're going to get out of it. It's your motives. If your motives is right, you'll be all right. But always make your motives right. Serve the Lord for one purpose, because you love Him, not because you're afraid of hell, not because you're afraid of dying, but because you love Him, Who loved you when you were unlovable. That's it.

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