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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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19    When a pastor is satisfied, and the people is satisfied, it makes a real good church, and then God is satisfied. And I think, to see them satisfied together, especially in this day of the Message that we're carrying, I think that shows the continuity of the Message with the people and with God. See?

105    So, God is complete in the tri-unity of a Being; not tri-unity of beings, but One Being in a tri-unity. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is one true manifested God. God!


82    Well, all these systems, that men has made in their achievement has got to break up. That's all. They have to come... We have to come to unity, to brotherhood. That's been my purpose of life is to try to unite and not break up an organization, but let them drop their ideas, and be brothers to every born-again Christian. You see? That, that's the idea. That's where I've stood, well, now, if the brethren would notice it. I...

62-0211  ONENESS_  JEFF.IN

102 That's the same thing they try to do today. See, the husband, wife, the union broken. Husband and wife, fellowship was broken between them. The oneness of them was broken, the oneness between them and God was broken. The whole thing was marred. Why? Because one Word was disbelieved. Oh, brother, my! Yeah, she should have told the Truth. The oneness with her and her husband was gone, and the oneness of them and God was gone. And every church that doesn't take the whole of God's Word, the same thing happens. I love It, don't you?

112    It's the same thing today, separating, separated, found them, they were not in unity. They could have no unity. Can night have unity with day? Can a believer have unity with an infidel? Can a man who believes in all the Word of God have a unity with them who just believes part of the Word of God? God wants separators.

157  The disciples, even walking with Jesus, they didn't have no oneness. They didn't have any unity. No, they argued, "Who's going to be bishop after this. Who's the greatest among us?" They couldn't even believe Jesus. They couldn't understand Him. "Thou speakest in riddles. Tell us plainly what You mean." There was no unity between Jesus and the disciples, or disciples to Jesus, and the disciples among one another.

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