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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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85 And, remember, the astronaut is controlled by a radar power. You seen them bring John Glenn in. I looked down there at Cape Canaveral and seen that great big radar thing, and you couldn't even see him nowhere, but you could tell where he was by the way that radar was pointing. That's where he was at. See? And we got a radar, too, prayer. Prayer is the radar power that directs the astronaut. "Ask the Father anything in My Name, I'll do it." See? Just watch the way the prayer's going, you can see the way he's pointing. Amen. Just watch the way the church is praying, you can see the way the missiles will fly. You can tell it by the--the way the astronauts are traveling, by the way the church is praying.


10 Why, my dear brother and sister, the morals of this nation has become so low till it would make a dog ashamed. It would make a hound blush if it could do so, the immorals of our people. The people, even years ago the things that we have, that the nation has done, the things that the people has done, it's all the lack of prayer.


36 And you know why I like to stand and pray? Jesus said, "When you stand, praying, pray, 'Our Father Who art in Heaven.' Then forgive one another." You see? And then Gideon chose his army one time by the ones that stooped and bowed down and lapped the water, or the ones that stood up and got the water. You see? So the ones that fell, that been--been prostrating themselves before idols, and he knew they wasn't subjects to go. So, the one who stood with their eye watching all the time. That's the way we do, stand and pray. Now, I believe in kneeling and praying, too; but, standing and praying, I think it just means something to us, somehow.

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