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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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356    If this is Scripture, it can only be... If any Scripture is... Anything that's supposed to be of the Bible...

357   It's just like, you can't tell me there's such a thing as a "purgatory" and things like that. There's no Scripture in the Bible to back it up.


153 That third beast that Satan sent out, he become shrewd too.

Watch, "A measure of wheat for a penny, three measures of barley for a penny." See? Oh, my. See? The money-making scheme, the shrewdness to get the gold of the world and the wealth brought into it. That's exactly to fulfill. That's what... Begin to charge for prayers and for--make a place called purgatory; and prayed their ancestors out, and, or you had to will your deeds and everything, your property. The church and it was--state was the same, and the church taken your property over.


138  I do believe in a purgatory, but I believe it's right now. You purge your own soul. Purgatory means "to purge." When you see you've done something wrong, get out there and clean it out of you, by confession, and crying, and fasting, and praying.

139    Someone even laughed at me when the Lord came here not long ago and give me a vision. I always wanted to see about binding that serpent. I always wondered how to. I should step out like that. When, that's what I've wanted, all my life. Then I begin to fast and pray. Said, "What'd you do that for?"

140    I said, "In there, He said I was not sincere enough." After He come, then I wanted to purge myself. Not wait till you die, and let some priest try to purge you. Purge your souls!


200 I seen the crown myself--stood, oh, that close and looked at it. Wouldn't let me get to it on account of the glass. So there it was, a big lock on it, setting in a case, triple crown; so I know it's the truth. So there he was--triple crown. Vicar of heaven, purgatory, and earth.


280 Oh, now, his great power comes; he was made vicar of heaven and worshipped as God, ruler of the earth. By uniting the church and state together made him ruler on earth, give him a crown over that. He could pray the souls out of purgatory. He could also inter... He was just like God on earth: instead of God.

281  Together he had great power to kill whomever did not agree with his command. Who's going to say anything to him? The church can't say nothing; he's head of it. State can't say nothing; he's head of it. So they died by the millions. All them little churches, brother, was busted up, and killed, and murdered, and fed to lions and everything else. See? The dragon, Rome, give him his seat and authority. The Bible said so. See? So he rode his typed red horse through human blood till it become a red horse.


244 Not on the Bible... Out of a bunch of superstitions it was made up. There's no background for it. Where do you get purgatory at? Where do you get this non-meat eating, the priest not marrying, and all these other things they do, confessions? Where do you get that at? There's no place nowhere to find it. It come out of hell. The Bible said so. It come out, the beast, the power, the doctrine it had, come out of the bottomless pit.

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