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The Holy Ghost

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2  And now we just have a short time to be here. I think three more nights, or two more nights and a day, after tonight. I think Sunday afternoon is the closing service. We try to close on Sunday afternoon so that the pastors and everybody... We don't want to keep you from your church. We just want to add more to the church, and give you more faith in the God that you serve in your church. See? And we don't want the doors of the church closed, by no means. We want you to stay there, but we're just trying to help you, to encourage you. A revival don't even mean to add more to the church; a revival means to revive that what you've already got; that's right, a revival.


10 Now, a revival doesn't mean bring in new converts. A revival means to revive them that's already converts. See, like? Is a revival means "to revive (See?), to bring up, to make life again." And the church, sometime we get just a little slack. And so we're looking for one of those old time like we used to have, long time ago.


128  It was said that some noblemen from the church went over to the Wales to understand, or figure out what all the mechanics was in the revival, during the Welsh revival. And when they got off the ship with their tall hats on, and their round collars; see him come down the street, a little policeman, swinging his club around and around like that, whistling; they said, "My good man, could you tell me where the Welsh revival is?"

129    He said, "Yes, my brethren, you're standing in the middle of it!" Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. He said, "You understand, I am the Welsh revival," said, "because the Welsh revival's in me."


179    You call for revivals, you wait for your church to have a revival. Well, that ain't--that ain't the revival for you. The revival ought to begin right in you, when you begin to thirst for God. There might not be another member, of the church, wanting that revival. If it breaks out in you, it will break out other places. See? But, see, you neglect that thirst.


237    God, create in me a revival. Let me be the revival. Let each one of us be the revival, the revival in me. Make me, Lord, to hunger, make me to thirst. Create in me, Lord, that what is needed in me. Let me, from this hour on, be Thine; more consecrated servant, a better servant, more blessed of You; more able, more humbler, more kinder, more willing to work; more looking to the things that are positive, and forgetting the things that are in the past, and the negatives. Let me press towards the mark of the high calling of Christ. Amen.


227 The Gentile day, the Gospel's been preached everywhere, hammered amongst the Gentiles, pulling the seine, trying to get every fish there is in the water to come in. And look at them, the biggest...?... The haul was all turtles and water spiders, and so forth. Just as soon as the revival's over they go right back out in the world again. The fish is almost already strung up. See what I mean?


81  Look at all this revival has went on for fifteen years or more, and not one denomination come out of it. Luther had a revival, there went a denomination; Wesley, there went a denomination; Alexander Campbell, there went a denomination; all these other great... John Smith and so forth, denominations, Moody, all along. But here has been one... Usually a revival only lasts about three years. But this has been going for over fifteen years, and not one denomination has sprung up from it, for this is the Seed time. There is no more shuck; after the one shuck is gone, it's Seed.

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