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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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16               And we've got to the place to think that because we're resting upon what our forefathers did, or what upon our great founders of our churches, what their great sacrifice was to God, which is all right and so much appreciated. But we cannot draw salvation from what they did. Salvation is an individual affair between every person and God. Not with our nation, with our church, but with ourselves before God we answer.


81               287. Dear Brother Branham, approximately ten years ago God met me now and healed what the gift of love--or revealed what the gift of love was, and same then my prayer is for--that I will return. Will I receive it before I die? Will my husband hear the Word, and what am I to do?

That's more of a question. Now, she said... Now, what it is here, or--she said, "My husband," so I suppose it would have to be the woman that said this. Now, she lost her first love. See? She--she got cold in the Spirit. Now, sister, maybe 'cause you still come to church and do what's right, you haven't lost your salvation, but you've lost the joy of your salvation. David cried to the Lord one time, "Lord, restore to me the joy of my salvation." You still are a Christian, but I--what you want to do, sister, is turn loose of everything that you know how, and seek God, and pray.


182    Salvation alone goes in the Name of Jesus Christ. "Whatever you do in word or deed, do it all in the Name of Jesus Christ." There is not another name, no church, no hierarchy, no titles, or nothing else! Yet, He is the Rose of Sharon, Lily of the Valley, Morning Star, Alpha, Omega, Beginning and the Ending, Jehovah-jireh, -rapha, -manasseh, all these. He is all these things, but yet He... There is not no salvation in any of those titles; Jehovah, no salvation; Rose of Sharon, yet He is, no salvation; Father, Son, or Holy Ghost, no salvation. Only the Name of "Jesus Christ!" And then the Bible said, that, "Repentance and remission of sin must be taught in His Name, beginning at Jerusalem, and to the uttermost parts of the earth."

He said, "Do you think it makes any difference?"


"He hath made us!" Oh, there are certain truths we need to emphasize. This is one of them. HE! HE HATH MADE US! Salvation is His doing. Salvation is of the Lord. All of grace. He redeemed us for a purpose. He bought us for a purpose. We are kings, spiritual kings. Oh, we are going to be kings upon the earth with Him when He sits on His throne. But now we are spiritual kings and we reign over a spiritual kingdom.   

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