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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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E-3 So yesterday afternoon I'm come to see among some of our dear beloved friends just what a devil sickness is. A young man that I used to know years ago was the very picture of health, athletical looking young man. And he's now about my age, and he'd pass for ninety. And he's laying dying in Henryville, a friend of my good brother here, Brother Neville, was Kermit Spurgeon. His father a Gospel preacher, and a school teacher, and a mighty fine man.


40 Just recently, even cancer has been declared to be a fourth dimension disease, that it's in another dimension, sure, it's demonology. Every disease is a fourth dimension disease, the beginning of it.


19   Now, all sickness, we have to find first that all sickness came from the devil. God is not the author of sickness. No sickness comes from God. God sometimes permits Satan to put sickness on you as a whip to bring you back to the house of God when you disobey Him. But sickness in its beginning come from the devil. Could you imagine a person would believe that God our heavenly Father would be the author of such a thing as sickness and death. Well, no, He isn't, never was, never will be. God permits death because of disobedience. God permits death. As one writer said, "All, that death can do, God harnessed it to a buggy, and it pulls us into the Presence of God, a believer." But a--the word "death" means "separation."


E-29  So I won't--we won't have to go in that 'cause you taught that with these evangelists, and pastors, and so forth, till you know it's the truth. That the healing is in the atonement.Healing--sickness is an attribute of sin. And when Jesus killed sin, or atoned for sin, He atoned for every attribute. Everything down that was caused in the fall, Jesus atoned for it.

Oh, my, that makes us feel our Methodist bones getting tickled up. Look. I don't want to get started preaching no more. So, my. Now look.

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Synonyms: DISEASE