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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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45    See, He came in three names. He came as Son of man, which was prophet. And that's what He did, He proved His ministry, by being a prophet. We all know that. Every one of us knows it. He never said He was the Son of God; He said He was the Son of man. Now, today, He is the Son of God, which He returned back, and now He is in the form of the Holy Ghost, the unseen Person; but yet, God, the Son of God. In the Millennium, He sits upon His Father's Throne, which He'll be Son of David. He revealed Himself first as Son of man, a prophet; this age, through the church age, Son of man... or Son of God; and in the other age, Son of David. Three sons!


137  Notice, now, she could not have but one husband, because, "Woman was made for man, and not man for woman." That whole five hundred women was just David's wife, and it was a type. When Christ sets on the Throne in the Millennium, His Bride will be not one person, but it'll be tens of thousands, the Bride, all in One. And David had many wives, as individuals, but only all of them together was his wife. Like the whole Body of believers is the Bride of Christ, 'cause It's She, the woman. He was the Man.


29  And then we went back and got the--the kinsman redeemer and picked him up to see what his work was. And now, for all these years, Christ has been doing the Kinsman Redeemer work. Now, all that understands that, say, "Amen." He has been doing the work of the Kinsman Redeemer, but there will come a time that when the redeeming work will be over, and when the redeeming work is over, then He leaves the throne of God, where He's seated now, but that's not His throne. "He that overcometh shall set with Me in My throne as I have overcome and have set down on My Father's throne." That is not His throne. That belongs to Spirit, God. Christ, the Lamb, it doesn't belong to Him. He is the incarnate God (See?), which is the same God made incarnate.


160 Left the Father's throne to take His own throne... He now has come forth from His intercessory work to claim His own throne, His redeemed subjects. That's what He come forth from the throne to do. It is then that the Lion-like creature said to John, "Come, see." Watch. Now, you reading it?


91 "Out of the Throne." Let's speak of this Throne now for a few minutes. This was not a Throne of mercy. Mercy's Throne is finished; no more mercy, it's without mercy. How are we going... How the judgment seat going to be the judgment seat of Christ, the judgment seat, the White Throne Judgment? Is there going to be mercy then? There is not one stretch of mercy to be given. At the judgment Throne you could scream "mercy" till you couldn't scream no more, and is, you just might as well scream out in the air somewhere, 'cause there's no more mercy.


161  I want you to remember, God still exists in the same colors, "from the loins upward, fire, amber color," shot with a movie camera or with a color camera, "amber from the loins up, from the loins down, and all around, many colors like is in the rainbow in the sky after a rain." Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever! The Holy Spirit still in His power, still in His Church in this last days. There you are. Not me, I was just standing there, but it was a picture that was taken. I want you to look at that, just exactly what Ezekiel saw. Same colors, the same way, and acted the same way, and flush the same way, of the living Creatures. What is it? The living Creatures represents the living Church, the Church that's living by the power and the resurrection of Christ. Them same amber colors has covered it from the loins upward, from the loins downward.

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