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The Holy Ghost

The Worshiped One

The Genuine

The Father of Jesus-Christ

Creator of all Things

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103    What does "... see thou hurt not the oil and the wine" mean in Revelation 6:6?

It's the Holy Spirit. See, we just got through that. Probably somebody, you know, come in a little late for the message, they--for the other tapes. You see? "Hurt not the oil and the wine..." What does the oil and wine mean? The oil, as we took it in symbols, means the Holy Spirit. See?

Wine is the--and oil is connected together in the Bible in worship. See? And the wine as we put... That's where I got the idea of the stimulation. Wine stimulates. And wine in its--is the antitype of its natural from stimulation is revelation.

105  Now, just think; what stimulates the church? Revelations. See? So wine, the new wine would be... Now watch. The oil and wine went together in sacrifice, went together in--in the church worship (Now, notice.), assembled together, connected together.


58      And the wine, I said (which come to me) that the wine symbolizes that it was the power of--it was the power of stimulation by revelation. See? And that's when something has been revealed. It gives stimulation to the believer, because it's presented by revelation. See? It's something that God has said; it's a mystery. They can't understand it. See? And after while, God comes down and reveals it and then vindicates it.


308  When the truth of a promised Word of God has been truly revealed to His saints that's filled with oil, they all get stimulated. Wine is a stimulation. Glory, I feel it right now, stimulated with joy, shouts. And when it does, it has the same effect upon them that--that wine does upon a natural man; because when the revelation has been given of a truth of God, and the true believer filled with oil, and the revelation is revealed, the stimulation becomes so great that it makes him behave hisself unnormally. That's right. Glory. Maybe that's what's the matter with them now. That's right. It makes them behave theirself unseemingly.

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