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127    I think of myself. As a little old boy, I remember as... People call me today, "a woman-hater." The reason it was, is because I seen so much immorality out of women when I was a kid. I hated them. And I don't do that now, because I know there is some good ones. But I remember how it was so bad, so immoral. And I thought, "My, I--I'll never be around where people is at. I have no education, so I won't get any."


127    Women has become dainty, feminish, and so forth, more attractive. And what is it? They dress themselves more attractive. Where, the women used to wear great big dresses, and sleeves, and long skirts, and hid their body because they didn't want men lusting for them. They lived for one man that chose them for wife. Today, the women pour themselves into little clothes, and immorality is on such a move and a rampage till it's--it's beyond even thinking.


135  Notice, take our women. Now, if you want to see what condition the church is in, watch the way women are acting. She always represents the church. In Satan's Eden, of sin and unbelief, a religious perversion; perverted kingdom. Instead of taking God's Word, they have took the intellectual learning of man. And instead of taking the Church, they took the organization, and they're bringing it to one great head.


162    That's the reason, sometimes, a pretty woman is a bait for Satan. If he can just get a hold of her, he can twist more man into hell than he could with all the barrooms in the country. That's right. See? Or, handsome, some great handsome man that wouldn't--wouldn't stand up in his trueness of manhood, see, again, he can swing them women to the devil, and to send them to hell. Yes, sir.


75    We find many women, in these days, thirst for beauty. Now there isn't a woman... It's a natural thing for a woman to thirst to be pretty. That's--that's her God-given instinct and--and her beauty that God give her for her mate. And now we find out that women want to be that way. Why is it? It's just because it's something God gave her. And it's not wrong for women to be pretty. They should be.


161    You married man, when you see them women on the street like that, you sons of God, don't you realize what taken place in the first beginning? When science had made women so pretty in the antediluvian world, until the sons of God took daughters of man (not daughters of God), and God never did forget it. They destroyed the whole thing; science, prettier. It used to be... You notice the beauty of women lifting in the last days, is a sign of the end; God has proved it. So, use a thinking man's Filter, you'll have a holy man's taste. It'll cost you your home. It'll cost you your position. It'll cost you everything you got; besides that, your soul! It'll break up your home. It may have another man raise your children, or another woman raise your children.


65    When God gave a man a wife, He gave him the best thing He could give him, outside of salvation. But when one goes to trying to take a man's place, then she's about the worse thing that he could get a hold of.


274  Notice, now, the woman has got her place, and she is a jewel. Solomon, this man that had ten thousand wives... or had a thousand wives, rather, he said that, "A man that's found a wife, has found a good thing." He said, "A good woman is a jewel in his crown," that's an honor. "But an unrighteous one is water in his blood," that's his life. He said, "There might be one righteous man found in a thousand," Solomon said this, "but," said, "you wouldn't find one righteous woman in a thousand." Solomon said that, see. Now notice that, that how it is.


51  "A good woman is a jewel in a man's crown," said the wisest man on earth. A man ought to honor a good woman, see. "But an evil one is water in his blood," and his blood is his life. You men that's got good wives, you don't know how you ought to thank God for a good wife! For if God could've give a man anything better for a helpmate, He'd have done it. But a woman is the best helpmate that God could give a man. But when they turn...

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